5 Countries, 2 Weeks | Eurotrip 2017 Video

Halfway through this 2017, I took an intense 28-hour long trip to Spain to spend a few months with the husband. Since I was going to be there longer, we thought it’d be fun to go on yet another Eurotrip. This year, we had our eyes set on a new set of countries — ones we hadn’t really thought about beforehand. Nonetheless, these 5 countries gave us a fine surprise and whole load of memories to boot.

If our first Eurotrip was a rundown of the usual touristy things to do in the continent, our second Eurotrip was a hard look at a history book.

In Amsterdam, we peeked through Anne Frank’s “new” home, where we saw the bookcase leading to her family’s Secret Annex. While in Berlin, we learned even more about the plight of the Jews and the terror that was the Holocaust. In Prague, we walked along the popular Charles Bridge, while witnessing a proposal mid bridge. Budapest was where we bathed like the locals in their too-many-I've-lost-count spa pools. And in Vienna, we walked along the castle grounds, wondering how on earth it must feel to have such a grand palace and exceptional garden to call home.

I’ll talk more about our adventures in the next few entries. For now, feel free to press play on the video above and get a glimpse of how Vergs and I love to annoy each other on a daily basis.