New vs. Used || Shopping for our Future Home || Vlog


When it comes to adulting, sometimes I think Vergs and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Some days we've got everything figured out. But other days, we haven't got a clue as to what we're doing -- or maybe that's just me. 

PCS season is upon us and it still feels so surreal that we'll be moving to another country in about 2 months. We've got another move after, but I'll talk about that in detail next time. Trust me, it's hard to keep up with everything that's going on nowadays.

Before Vergs and I went our separate ways (he went back on the ship, and I headed to the Philippines), we made sure we weren't grappling and starting from scratch in our new duty station. Our upcoming command's pretty notorious when it comes to cost of living. So we wanted to make the most of our Dollars and Euros by buying things we knew would cost (more or less) a fortune at our new place. Press play on the video below to watch my vlog.

Since this was going to be our very first PCS, there were a few things on our furniture shopping list I knew I wanted us to buy brand new. These are a couch, a mattress, and a box spring. I had my mind dead set on getting these at either Ikea or the NEX because personally, I don't think I could ever imagine laying on a used couch or bed and be at peace about it. It's just not me, guys. I have nothing against the other people who are okay with buying them used, but I just can't. I'd be too busy thinking of all the bed bugs and insects getting ready to feast on my skin -- and yes, I know, my imagination's mental, I've already come to terms with it. 

Which brings me to one of my points. Sanitation is incredibly important when buying items for a new home.

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't say that everything should be brand new because let's be real here, that would cost a ton. But I think certain things need to be bought new such as items used for sleeping or laying down. Bean bags, Lazy Boys, office chairs with padding -- almost anything that contains fabric can be a pain when it comes to removing stains and can be a birthing place for bacteria. So in my honest opinion, it's best to buy these items brand new. It won't exactly save you a few bucks, but it does score some points on cleanliness and peace of mind.

Other items like big appliances and tables can be bought secondhand. After all, they're usually much easier to clean and more importantly, their prices are much (much) lower than their brand new counterparts.

Save the extra bucks and put it toward date night or an upcoming trip in mind. Trust me, you'll be much happier vacationing it up at your next getaway as opposed to just watching videos of your dream country on your brand new TV.