3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas: Leather

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Not gonna lie, sometimes it’s hard looking for a gift if you don’t have a theme.

I just think that the vagueness of it all is a little overwhelming. Like sure, you can get your partner something s/he wants, but at the same time, if you’re like me and you have a husband who says he doesn’t want anything, well then, it’s easy to run out of ideas.

Vergs and I decided to stick with themes since last Christmas. It turned really well for us because we both loved and needed the items that we got. So for our anniversary, we’re sticking with the same game plan.

3-year anniversaries call for either leather or crystal/glass. We decided to stick to the former.

Btw links to all the gift options can be found at the end of the post. I did a bit linking for you guys, so it’s easy to check out! ;)

Here are 5 gift ideas for a 3rd year anniversary:

Leather Weekender

Vergs and I are big on vacations. Together, we’ve traveled to 12 countries and taken so many staycations that at one point we were swapping out suitcases ready for our next adventure.

The funny thing is, we’ve never actually owned any weekender bags. Instead, we usually trot along a small suitcase. You know, the one that has wheels on the bottom, which is extremely inconvenient on cobblestoned roads? Yup, here’s looking at you Europe. Haha!

A weekender bag is such a great staple vacay item because of its size. It can fit almost anything. From towels to pajamas, makeup kits to resort wear and flipflops.

As much as I’d hate to admit it, I’m actually a huge luggage stuffer. Meaning if I could get away with it, I’d probably just end up stuffing all my clothes into a bag instead of actually neatly folding them. Then again, I hate wrinkly clothes, so I usually have no choice but to spend a few minutes folding.

Another great thing about weekender bags is the fact that I can fit both my clothes and what I like to call my “blogging gear” inside one bag. Because believe me when I say that I can look like a Christmas tree from all the bags I carry on my arm. It’s not glamorous at all. So yes, a weekender is definitely a great 3rd-anniversary gift item to get your hands on.

signed by roxci leather backpack

Leather Backpack

I’ve been hinting at my husband, Vergs, to get me a leather backpack for the longest time because as much as I love my Longchamp bags, I need to give them a break.

Also, I’ve just realized how much better it is to tote a backpack whenever I’m doing touristy stuff like visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center or the Kualoa ranch. Having a backpack leaves my arms and hands free to move however I choose This means I can take photos and videos easier, and I can multitask — like eat and IG story at the same time, you know, priorities.

Leather Laptop Case

This is a great gift for both women and men because it’s sleek, stylish, and it takes professionalism to a whole new level. I’m one who thrives on the saying you have to dress the way you want to be treated, so I am all for pieces that help upgrade an outfit.

Some leather laptop cases even have compartments for notes, charges, and pens. So if you’re someone who just needs everything to be organized, you can just grab your case and go. That easy!

Leather Wallet

I gave my husband a leather wallet as a gift a few years ago and he’s loved it ever since. The amazing thing about finding premium leather products is how they can stand the test of time. Good leather is durable and ages well — sometimes it simply changes color. But it’s all part of the character of the material.

The wallet I gave my husband is around 3 years old and he’s still pretty much smitten. I offered to get him a new one the other day but he says he still likes the old one I gave. So I guess that was money well spent!

signed by roxci leather jacket

Leather Jacket

Granted that I don’t really use my leather jacket since we’ve moved to Hawaii, it’s a little weird that I should include in this list. But for the purpose of listing things I actually love, I’m including a leather jacket.

I wore mine quite a lot back when we were still in Europe, whether it was for a date night at a nice restaurant, or a quick trip to Sevilla to watch Cirque du Soleil. That leather jacket served me wonders. It kept me warm and stylish at the same time and it went with almost everything in my closet.

I hope this little gift guide helps you on your third anniversary, loves! Cheers to more years in those happy relationships!