5 Things About Me

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1. I stumbled upon LDR blogging.

I’ve been blogging for the longest time. I had entries in Xanga, Multiply, Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr — you name it, I’ve probably blogged on it. I feel like a broken record, but I still can’t believe it took me this long to get my own domain.

Food blogging used to be my main thing back then. I’d have regular do-or-ditch entries on menu items, I’d talk about tastes that would take me back to my childhood. Talking about food so much eventually landed me a regular stint at a local publication, creating write-ups about PBA players and their favorite recipes and dishes to try when off the court.

Now, my friends call me the LDR and travel blogger. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for about 4 years now and I’d like to think I’ve made the most of what I have so far. Regular dates are swapped for amazing trips around the world and my husband and I have both grown incredibly mature in the process. This blog is such a bonus because I get to talk about the situation I’m in and the person I love while helping others out with their LDR struggles.


2. I prefer lakes and canals over the great big ocean any day.

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I find this incredibly ironic because my husband’s in the Navy and loves everything ocean-related. He’s basically an adventure nut when it comes to water activities and would never back down on an opportunity to go diving, snorkeling, cliff diving. I, on the other hand, would be more than happy to watch from a distance — by the shore with sand on my toes.

It’s not that I can’t swim. The sea just leaves me feeling paralyzed with fear sometimes. It’s too vast.

3. I play a Princess on the weekends.

My Instagram bio says I’m a writer on the weekdays and a Disney Princess on the weekends. I’m part of Clowning Around Manila’s talent pool and to date, I’ve played Jasmine, Belle, Moana, and Elsa along with a few other characters. Jasmine and Belle have got to be my favorite Princesses of all time. It always feels like a dream slipping into the costumes and pinning the wigs on.

I’ve said this before, but there’s always a sense of magic when characters are brought to life. This magic goes for both the kids and the kids-at-heart.

4. I’m the resident #tita of my friends.

I carry a Longchamp bag, always have a bottle of hand sanitizer, and would constantly choose a good wine night over shots of tequila.
My friends know I start yawning by 9pm because I usually sleep at 11pm — unless of course, I’m talking to Vergs over Facetime. 

I've traded hours spent in Forever21 and Cotton On, for (window) shopping sessions in H&M Home, Crate and Barrel, and department stores. By the way, I try never to leave the house without a pair of pearl earrings and my gold watch. I feel naked without them.


5. I've got major "nesting syndrome". 

Vergs and I have been married for almost 2 years now and we're still in the works of having our own place to call home. To be honest, we've never really had a reason to go house-hunting, since we're still dealing with the long-distance part of our relationship. All that's bound to change come 2018 though. 

Next year, we'll be based at a new command and will start turning a house into a home. My guess is, we're building a home from scratch -- getting new mattresses, a couch set, a dining set. Then again, I guess it all depends on whether or not we find a furnished apartment in our new country.

I'm planning to start a few DIY home projects too. I've got a mad desire of making our future home look as close to my mood board as possible, but I've still got a budget to follow -- as with everything in my life. Here's to hoping I score some major finds at a garage sale or a military Facebook group somewhere.

Hmm, I think I should go on an Ikea and Primark haul the next time I'm in Spain too.

I'd love to get to know you a little better! Leave 1 random fact about yourself in the comments section below.