5 Things on Amazon Under $25!

Call me a newbie but I’ve really only heard of Amazon Interesting Finds a couple of days ago. To be honest, had I not clicked on the banner ad on the Amazon page, I probably wouldn’t have known it at all. Snaps for digital media, guys.

For those like me, who didn’t know it existed, Interesting Finds is sort of like Amazon’s very own item curator. They have the most gorgeous pieces, and by that I mean, utterly Pinterest and Etsy worthy. Although I’m not entirely sure if the items are an absolute necessity – I mean, who needs an ostrich pillow – okay scratch that. If I were still working in corporate, I’d totally get one. But you get my drift. 

Right now, I’ve got a $25 Amazon gift certificate and I’m going nuts because I don’t know (a) what to buy because there are so many pretty and unique things to choose from and (b) I’m asking myself if I should even use the GC because I could just sell it to get a hair treatment that I am in dire need of.

Ah decisions decisions. Oh well, if I choose to keep the GC for myself, here are some of the pieces I’m choosing from. Btw, did I mention that it’s getting increasingly hard staying within my $25 price range and not buying each and every one of these items on the list? Sigh. I give up on myself.

1. Puppy Pillow Case $6


You have to see how undeniably cute this is. I don’t even need a throw pillow, guys, but this is just too adorable to pass on! I find myself making whimpering sounds just looking at the two puppies.

2. Dr. Jart Rubber Mask $18.55


In all honesty, I think that a girl can never stock up on one too many masks. I have 10 different kinds on my skincare dresser right now ranging from sheet masks to charcoal peel off masks, and I don’t plan on stopping my “collection” anytime soon.

3. Terrasoul Superfoods Chia Seeds $10


Chia seeds taste weird for me. They’re the kind of pulp I’m not really accustomed to. I’m constantly reminded of when I first tried them in a yogurt parfait. They were these weird little black seeds – they looked like tadpoles even – that settled at the bottom of the cup. I took a big bite from the spoon and remembered thinking just how odd the texture was. 

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a big fan of chia seeds, but in the spirit of all things New Year and eating healthier, I’d be willing to give this a try again. Then again, I’ve got to wean myself off fast food first.

4. Gryffindor Scarf $24


I don’t need this, I really don’t. I want it though. 

Consumerism can be so frustrating sometimes.

5. Oil and Vinegar Dispensers $21


Ever since I got married, I’ve taken a liking to homewares and bits and pieces that I can use in our future house. But granted that I’m way way out of my league since it’ll probably take a while before we’d actually have a place to call our own, I figure I’ll just be saving these for then.


I’d have more things in the list but my wallet is already suffering as it is. 

Hmm, now the real decision making comes into play…