A Care Package

roxci vergs ldr care package.jpg

As much as I’d love to be as crafty as Martha Stewart, I just have to accept that my knack for making things Pinterest-worthy isn’t as optimum as I’d like it to be. Let’s face it. I’m the kind of girl who would gladly take a trip to the mall and come back with something in a store-bought paper bag, as opposed to buying something AND gift wrapping it complete with a bow on top. Nope, just not me. 

But I guess, when in a long distance relationship, presents have to mean more since time spent together is a luxury. Surprises have to be well thought out and executed, with each step of the process emanating eons of feelings that say i-miss-you and i-wish-i-was-there. 

For the boyfriend’s 24th birthday, I wanted my gift to be just that. 

P.S. From what I know, not all have been opened just yet. Saving them for the hard times, he says. And that’s great, because that’s exactly what the package was meant for in the first place.