A Must In Every Country

Prior to setting foot in a different country, I’d usually write down a list of food items I’d have to try before returning home. It’s been a habit for as long as I can remember and to be quite frank, given my penchant for lists, I don’t think I’ll be quitting any time soon.

I gather recommendations from my friends and search for relevant hashtags on social media, desperately wanting to know what else I can stuff into my mouth. It can be pretty tasking actually. One time, I made the mistake of telling myself that I had to cross something off my list every time I’d stop for a bite. That, of course, didn’t end well. I was too engrossed in my gluttony that I’d keep chewing even if I was already up to my neck in food. But that’s another story; I digress.

Now, I’ve learned my lesson and think that I’ve disciplined my calorie intake even while travelling. I try to eat smarter by only going for the things I really want to try and I my best to steer clear from fastfood – all but one, of course.

mcdonalds hong kong banana pie.jpg

McDonald’s is a universal language. To be frank, one of the first parties I remember having was set in a branch in Bedok, Singapore. It’s where I became a slave creature of habit to nuggets dipped in barbecue sauce; where I’d slather my fries through a puddle of chili sauce; and more importantly, it was reminiscent of home, innocence, and sheer happiness in the form of a Happy Meal – a playground area may or may not have been included.

Most, if not all, the countries I’ve been to have a McDonald’s branch and each one has their own twinge on local flavor. Take for instance, McDonald’s Hong Kong Banana Pie. 

One bite of this and I was literally shouting “WHY DON’T WE HAVE THIS IN THE PHILIPPINES?” to my parents who looked at me with intrigue. The pie was unbelievably delicious, and flaky and soft in all the right areas. I’m so addicted that if I could I’d go back to Hong Kong just to fill my hand carry with it, I’d do so in a heartbeat. 

As for the Chicken McBites… Yeah, let’s not get into that anymore. You win some, you lose some.