A New Cover

They say that Easter is a time for beginnings and although I have been known to belt out a tune before, I feel as if I haven’t really done any singing recently. 

This Holy Week, while almost everyone was out of the country or out of town, my family and I stayed indoors, as we usually do. We like taking advantage of the car-free roads and the peace that envelops the city during the holiday season. Save for a quick breakfast with a friend, a quick mall date with the family, and my usual Sunday gym day, I usually stayed home this week. 

Oddly enough, I liked my quiet time. My nose was either buried in my laptop or in books I’ve been meaning to read. On Black Friday, I cooked lunch for the family and even tried a new healthy recipe for Pumpkin Choc Chip Mini Muffins (which tasted amazing btw). Also, I started writing down goals and seeing parts of my New Year resolutions come to life, bit by bit. 

Holy Week is usually when I get to spend time with myself. Too often, I’m busy thinking about deadlines, dependencies, and social media happenings that I don’t really get to take a step back and check in with how I’m doing, personal wise.

But this long weekend, I did. 

I found my voice again. 

Click here to listen to my 7 Years Cover