A Night of Complete Surrender

I should really be getting started on one of my reports for work, but before that let me take you through last night’s concert.


When word broke out about Hillsong’s upcoming visit to Manila, tickets were practically sold out a week after the official announcement. Sales skyrocketed to the point that an extra night was set for those who weren’t able to get tickets to the original concert date.

Fortunately enough, Dust, a colleague of mine, was able to score us tickets in the Patron area (standing room).


As with any other Hillsong fan, I’ve gotten emotionally affected with the beautiful lyrics in their songs. I’ve found that theirs are the only songs that can bring me peace when all my brain wants to do is consistently stress me out with unnecessary worry.

Since I’ve never really been to a praise and worship concert ever, I did’t know that the lyrics would be flashed on the screen. Leave it to me to excitedly Google all their lyrics of the songs we thought would be included in their set list. Haha! All’s well though. I can definitely say that all those moments spent trying to know the lyrics by heart have led me closer to Him in the process.

I don’t have that much photos of the group, but I do have videos over at my Instagram of the songs that really resonated with me aka made me cry uncontrollably.

Prior to the concert, I asked God to move me, because at times I had forgotten how to feel and be thankful for His Love. & well, last night, I along with every other person in Araneta Coliseum completely enveloped by Him and all His Glory, in complete surrender of the One and Only God.

Thank You, God and thank you as well to my friends in Communiteam for letting me cross off one of the items in my 2014 bucket list. :)

Roxci De LeonComment