A Round of Golf

roxci vergs golf.JPG

Two months ago, I had no clue about the right stance and the right way to hold a golf club. Heck, looking at the photo above, it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t even know the right attire.


I knew nothing. Point blank. Well, nothing aside from the fact that (1) Tiger Woods was a womanizer, (2) most retired military members spend a tremendous amount of their time perfecting their drive, and (3) that I always liked seeing those little gold carts make their way across the slopes of a golf course.

Granted that I never played the sport before, I had a couple of frustrations early on. One of them being that I couldn’t hit the ball. Seriously guys, my hand eye coordination was just not at all cooperative at the time. I can’t count the times that I’d swing, peer off into the distance, only to find that the said ball was apparently still in front of me all along.

I didn’t give up trying though, even if my hands were cramping up. I was too determined to get a good drive.

And I finally did.

And I did it over and over again, much to the surprise of my husband and brother-in-law. I have to say though, the person that was the most astounded had to be me.

Thanks for getting me through my first golf lesson, guys! Got another skill checked off my book.