A Travel Pit Stop | Florence, Italy


If you’ve read up on my last entry, you’d know I was tired beyond reason in Rome. It was a city where we spent most of our days walking – and at times, whining.

After Rome, our next stop on the itinerary was Florence. Not really knowing much to do there — we already had our fill of churches and museums — we decided to make Florence a much needed rest stop. To be honest, it was probably one of our best decisions during that trip. Our aching feet were in agony.

Fortunately, we scored an amazing apartment just a few minutes away from the city center. Had I not known Vergs got it from Booking.com, I could’ve sworn it was an Airbnb pad. By the way, for some reason, I can’t find the place on the website anymore. It’s too bad really, I actually fell in love with it.

The apartment was a spacious split space. The hosts stayed on one side, while the other side was rented out. If you’ve got a thing for privacy, it would still be a great bet. Both sides are completely separate from one another — each with its own massive main door. Plus, you get your own bathroom, kitchen, washer, and a large bedroom.


I’m a total sucker for well-stocked kitchens whenever I’m on my travels, so seeing the cupboards full of cutlery, pots, pans, and plates made me grin with glee. There were loads of spices we could use too. And we were given a few items in the fridge just in case we wanted to whip up a quick snack.


To the side of the kitchen was a movable shelf with loads of books to read. There were a few travel ones about Florence, in languages of either English and Italian, with loads of recommendations on what to do and see in the area. There was a dictionary for those like me, who were completely over their head trying to grasp the talk of the locals.

But perhaps what I loved the most were the books about specific areas of Florence. I don’t know why but books that go into depth about what makes a place so charming just entice me so.

Since we decided Florence was going to be a travel pit stop, we decided to spoil our stomachs silly and got well acquainted with the Mercato Centrale Firenze. We practically ate there at least once a day. I loved it so much, I even got a bottle of truffle oil to bring home.


In hindsight, Florence was a good choice in more ways than one. Although I’ve never really been one to take a break in between travels – because why rest when there is so much to see– I do however, feel like a pit stop in Florence was much needed to help us enjoy our Eurotrip even more.

Florence gave us a good break from all the walking, and the best part? We didn’t feel the least bit guilty sleepishly waking up without an alarm clock and an itinerary to follow. That definitely made it feel like a vacation!

P.S. Special shout out to Cessa for bringing us around Florence and for cooking us a mean pot of sinigang!