Aboard A Gondola


If anyone were to ask me about the highlight of my Europe trips, this would be at the top of my list. There’s nothing quite like a gondola ride along Venice’s canals.

Before I even start with my story, yes, I know a gondola ride isn’t exactly wallet-friendly. Then again, if you’re only in Venice once, I say, do it and savor the ride.

 A 20-minute ride on a gondola can set you back 80 Euros during the day, and 100 Euros during the night. We went during the Winter, so we opted for a day ride – the temperatures were way too cold for comfort during the night.

Personally, I was a little apprehensive at first. I mean, 80 Euros for a 20-minute gondola ride is a bit steep – for our wallets anyway. Fortunately enough, I have a husband who told me not to worry about money. After all, we were in Venice! A place I’ve only ever dreamed of going to. Who knows when we’d get to visit the city again? 


Most of the gondolas we saw were in colors of red. So when we chanced upon this blue one parked by the canal, we knew we had to get on. I’ve got to say, gondolas can be some of the most luxurious modes of transportation ever. I loved how our gondola looked luxurious in its dark blue and gold accents. Those touches of faux fur just made it look more opulent. It definitely stood out among the rest. 

There are four main ways to get around Venice. One is to walk and navigate through the (sometimes-too-narrow-for-comfort) alleyways and bridges. Next are the usual water taxis and gondolas. If, however, you’re feeling more adventurous, you could choose to hop on a kayak. We passed by these kayakers while on the gondola and were this close to giving it a go.


Contrary to popular belief, not all gondoliers are serenaders. There’s an additional fee for those who want to be whisked away in song.

Tip: Reserve ahead if you want a serenader included in your gondola ride.

Gondoliers allow their riders to pop open a bottle of bubbly during the ride. So feel free to bring a bottle of champagne and some flutes during the date.

I use Europe as my excuse of drinking whenever and wherever I can. I definitely wasn’t going to pass on an opportunity to toast while on a gondola. That being said, we started our ride with a full bottle of champagne and finished it to the last drop. That’s an entire bottle downed in just 20 minutes. No wonder we were feeling woozy after the ride!


I’m just going to come right out and say it: We were straight up drunk after our champagne filled gondola ride. We knew we still had a long walk back to our apartment, so we were dying to stuff our faces with carbs. Basically, we needed something that would make sure we were sober enough to remember the way going home. 

I had my eye on these cannolis the moment I arrived in Venice. They’re little rolls, as long as a finger, with the insides hollowed out for a generous serving of chocolate. 

Just look at that chocolate ooze out. My mouth’s watering just looking at the photo.

We passed by Grom on the way home and decided to try out a few flavors for ourselves. In hindsight, I can see how drunk I was. I was freezing in Venice, guys. In fact, I only allowed myself one serving of gelato during the Eurotrip because it was just too darn cold. It baffles me how somehow, a drunken stupor made me forget my shivers and fork over some Euros for a cone. 

I’m impossible. Hahaha!