Airbnb Tips & How To Get $30+ off An Airbnb Room

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I’ve been an Airbnb user since January 2016, when it saved me and my husband from spending a night in the car. Long story short, all the hotels were booked and we were nearing Virginia Beach in about 3 hours. And just like that, Airbnb swept in and saved the day.


I was pretty much smitten with Airbnb from that moment on. And I’ll always have a soft spot for our first room rental that looked straight out of a magazine, our amazing host, Mark, and his spunky group of rescue greyhounds. But more than that, what I truly loved about the Airbnb service is how it seemed as if we were staying with a friend.

It goes without saying that after 2 years, I’ve used Airbnb quite a number of times. Whether I’m taking a staycation in the Philippines, a quick getaway in the US, or going on an amazing Eurotrip, Airbnb’s been one of my go to’s for beautiful accommodations — ones that come with a touch of coziness sans the exorbitant price tag. That being said, since I have used the application a lot, I’ve had both good and bad experiences. So let me save you from the bad ones with today's blog entry.

Tips when booking an Airbnb travel listing:


1. When in Doubt, Read Reviews

I’ve made it a rule never to book listings that don’t have at least 4 proper reviews. By proper, I mean those that say something more substantial than the usual “the host canceled the reservation” statement.

Check the reviews carefully and make sure to read what’s “not” being said. Some guests will blatantly call out the negatives of an Airbnb listing. But others tend to sugarcoat the truth, so this is where your sense of context clues will help you out. This brings me to tip #2…


2. Location Helps with Luggage Problems

Packing light isn’t always an option for everyone, so please please pleaaaase do yourself a favor and always check the details of your Airbnb listing. Check if there are lifts in the building. Figure out if there’s a bus stop or a subway near the Airbnb room or apartment. Find out if past guests have had a hard time looking for the place.

Trust me, the more you know, the less troublesome your trip will be, because seriously, who wants to lug around their suitcases over flights of stairs?


3. Filter Wisely

Use and abuse the filters if you have to. I’m pretty horrible when it comes to the cold, so I always put a little check next to “heating” if I’m traveling somewhere below 18 degrees (Celsius). I’m Asian, guys. No amount of winter months spent in Spain and the US is going to rid me of my love for warmer climates.

Traveling for a long period of time? Then it’d be wise to include a washer and dryer in your Airbnb filters. That way, you won’t have to bring too many clothes and get to use the extra baggage space for souvenirs, knick-knacks, or my personal favorite, supermarket/convenience store hauls.


4. It’s Okay to Ask for Favors

…As long as you do it nicely. Some Airbnb hosts are amazing and will go above and beyond to make your stay as enjoyable as ever. Arriving early? They might let you check in hours before if no one’s occupying the room before you. Checking out but still have a couple of hours to spare? They could let you leave your luggage in the room while you make your way around town. Basically, it never hurts to ask.

Some would even offer free rides to and from the airport just to help you out. Again, this is where Airbnb is a notch above commercial accommodations. Hosts will at times go out of their way (at no added expense) just to make sure you have a good time on your trip.

They don’t just treat you as a guest. For the duration of your stay, you’re treated like a trusted friend. Remember to keep this in mind the next time you’re at your Airbnb listing. That being said, always treat your hosts and their homes with respect.

5. Use a Promo Code

Are you a first-time user of Airbnb? Sign up using my referral link and get as much as $31 off your first Airbnb reservation. In some countries, that might actually get you 1 night free! So go treat yourself and pick a quick staycation for the next long weekend.

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Currently, Airbnb’s evolved into so much more than just homes and hosts. It also offers Airbnb Experiences and Airbnb Restaurants in select locations all over the world. Personally, I’ve been a fan of Airbnb ever since I chanced upon it 2 years ago and I think it’s amazing how they’re slowly bridging the gap between being a tourist and a traveler.

Now's definitely a great time to be well-traveled.