Allow me to hide away from my feelings by indulging in the fact that it’s my birthday month. I like a wish list as much as any other girl and because I’ve a thing for putting my thoughts into paper, here are 4 items I’d love to have for my 23rd.


1. A comfy white/cream sweater

The thought of snuggling under a fluffy white comforter is what I usually hold on to during long days in the office. Since it’s downright weird and not to mention impractical to lug around a favorite comforter, my back up plan is to have a comfy white sweater as my weapon of choice.

2. Norwegian Salmon from Chelsea

I’m crossing my fingers in the hopes that the boyfriend can visit next month. To prepare for his little vacay, I’ve got to start making a more conscious effort at looking good and eating right. The road of healthy protein fixes should be given top priority instead of giving in to junk food and carb cravings. I’d usually opt to have my salmon raw than baked, but after reading that article of a man suffering from an infestation of tapeworms, I’m refraining from picking up any chopsticks for now.

3. Nike sports bras

I have to start working out again. Got to turn all those excuses and “buts” into a legitimate BUTT. Come on, tush. Show yourself.

4. A getaway

Some days, there’s nothing I’d like more but to teleport to an island paradise with nothing but a cute maillot, a mango shake in my hand, and a pair of sunnies on my face. It’d definitely be nice to just get away from everything and gift myself the privilege of not worrying or stressing about deadlines and emails. 

Sweater photo by Polyvore; Salmon photo by; Sports bra photo by Polyvore; Beach photo by Damdaki Kemanci

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