An Incurable Addiction | Gringo

gringo nachos chicken.jpg

There are some things I just can’t give up, no matter what the repercussions are. A big chunk on my list of non-negotiables involve food – whether it’s froyo, coffee, or a darn good platter of nachos. 

I thought it’d be fitting to post something Mexican inspired for Cinco De Mayo. Truth be told, I’ve never really been one to celebrate the holiday with the usual unlimited margaritas. Nope, that was never my priority. I was there for the nachos.

Today, I’ll be doing a do or ditch entry on one of the gems I’ve recently discovered: Gringo.

To be honest, if Silantro didn’t have a growing wait list, I would have probably passed on eating at Gringo. You see, Silantro has pretty much carved its name on my heart. It’s affordable, a quick fix for Mexican food cravings, and it serves bomb nachos. The only problem is, everyone wants a piece of Silantro. It’s constantly packed, which is why I’m a tiny bit hesitant to blog about Gringo. I’ve already gone twice in one week before, so I’m seriously hoping they continue to have available tables on my next visit.


The word Gringo is basically used for a person who is neither Hispanic nor Latino. The restaurant serves a fusion of Mexican and American cuisines, and has warm lighting and wooden tables, with walls decked in red bricks. Aside from all this, each table also has its own succulent centerpiece, which by the way, makes for an excellent photo prop.

Since I already mentioned my hardcore addiction for nachos, I think it’s only right to start with my review of their platter. 

Nacho Grande (P285) 5 out 5 on the DO scale.

Since Gringo’s nachos are laid out on a silver platter, the toppings are evenly scattered, leaving no chip undressed. Also, I’ve realized that I tend to gape at the height of nachos in other places, so upon first look, I didn’t think Gringo’s serving was big enough. But really, their Nacho Grande serves 3-4 people. Trust me, I’ve been there twice and both visits gave us plenty of leftover chips.

Fun fact: Although nachos were created in Mexico, they were made for an American palate. The story of nachos goes way back into the 1940s, when a maitre d’hotel whipped up what he had left in his pantry to feed a group of US military wives. By the way, the name “nachos” was a nod to the maitre d’ himself – Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya.


- Gringo Original Chicken quarter piece (P148/P225; no sides/2 sides) 5 out 5 on the DO scale.

Honestly, I never thought I’d be the type of person who gets the exact same order on her first 2 visits at a restaurant. But Gringo’s proving to be an exception. I usually opt for the side-less order because I get pretty full from the nachos anyway. My friend, however, opted to get 2 sides: Mexican rice and buttered corn (see first photo).

The Original Chicken spices have a slight hint of lemon sans the tartness. Pair it with one of Gringo’s sauces and you’ve got a great dish waiting to happen. 

P.S. If you’re looking for something a bit spicier, you might want to opt for the Southern Spice Chicken instead.

Sigh, I’m definitely coming back for you, Gringo. Your dishes are just too good to forget!