Another Round, Please!

I remember scouring many MANY stalls in San Diego for the best Thai milk tea I could get my hands on. Most of the ones I tried were too sweet, some too bland, others served with boba or popping bubbles. 


I think I had a cup of Thai milk tea every week. And this is big for someone who more often that not says no to a drink unless it’s water, green or chamomile tea, coffee, or sangria. I was brought up taught to say no to soda among many other sugary drinks, and I got so used to it that I still feel the same until today – that is, until San Diego came along. Btw currently making a mental note to instill the same no-extra-sugary-drinks mentality to my future children.

San Diego had me reeling on two drinks: Thai Milk Teas and Avocado Shakes. OH MY GOODNESS. I can’t even tell you how happy I was whenever I’d drink them – it was such a guilty pleasure!

I remember lining up at a food truck in Balboa Park just to get my fix. Yes, I queued for 15 minutes just for a drink. Yes, I lined up another 25 minutes and bought food at a different food truck. And yes, I didn’t care about the wait because I was so happy sipping my way into utter happiness. 

Oh Thai Milk Tea, you are an absolute weakness of mine. I’ve half a mind to make a fresh cup just to satisfy my tastebuds. Actually… That might not be such a bad idea! 

Brb. Gotta scour our cupboards for some Thai black tea!