Back in MNL


It’s been 3 days since my grueling 38-hour trip back to Manila and so far, I’m this close to giving my body a dose of Zzzquil. The past few days have been spent sleeping at 5:30am and waking up at 12:30pm. One “good” day had me going to bed as early as 9:30pm, something I was completely ecstatic about. Then again, the happiness proved to be short lived once I woke up at 1:30am. 

That morning, I had an insane urge to clean my room. And so, I did. From 2am onwards. And trust me, no one is more surprised at this than me.

I purged my closets and took out shoes and clothes to give away. I filled an entire storage bin’s worth of accessories – beads and wooden bangles just aren’t my thing anymore. I took out CDs and DVDs that were piling up dust in my room. Heck, I even went all out and found I still had my old PS2 hiding under a desk. 


I’ve got to say, this may just be the most productive I’ve been while suffering from jet lag.

It’s funny but somehow 3 months in Spain have managed to get me confused over the slightest things.

  • I’ve heard myself say agua instead of water, and perdon instead of excuse me.
  • I’ve had my left foot feel around for a clutch pedal when all the cars back home are automatic.
  • I find myself wanting a glass of wine every, single, time. Or maybe, this is just me being my normal self. Haha! 



I left Europe knowing I had a ton of things to fix once I reached Manila. There are lists of articles to write, digital modules to complete, paperwork to fill out and file, and to top it all off, a wedding to plan. Darn. I think the next few months will fly by pretty fast. Here’s to hoping I make every single one count!