My Bali "It" Bag

Hanamayari bag signedbyroxci.JPG

While some girls prefer to have different bags to wear throughout their vacations, I am the complete opposite. I don’t really see the purpose of having different bags whenever I have travel. All I really need (apart from my luggage) is a trusty Longchamp and an everyday bag I can use while on vacation. My Longchamp bag is what takes care of me whenever I’m in the airport. In it, I stuff items like my wallet, my passport and boarding tickets, a little makeup bag, hand sanitizer, hand cream — you get the picture. 

hanamayari bag signedbyroxci.JPG

Let me just say this right now, I love my Longchamp bags. They’re so easy to fold and store, they fit a ton of stuff, and the bag itself doesn’t really have structure so it’s pretty malleable and bendable. I usually use them as my everyday bag when I’m on vacation -- unless I’m going to a beach. 

In this case, I was headed for a trip to Bali.

The thing is, I’m not a light packer when it comes to my daily bags, and I'm usually worse when on vacation. But since we were going to Bali, I didn’t want to lug a heavy bag around. I was pretty particular about the kind of bag I wanted to bring.

I wanted something that would (1) keep my hands free, (2) be roomy enough to fit all my essentials, yet (3) stylish enough to fit in the Bali scene. Because as you know, gotta do it for the ‘Gram.

I saw Hanamayari’s Hanan bag when they launched and I fell madly in love with it. I was in such a rush to order it right away that, RJ Dancel, the brand’s founder, told me I was her first customer from the get-go. Haha! 

In all honesty, the Hanamayari bag ticked off all my Bali “It” bag requirements. I personally loved how I could wear it as a body bag because my arms and hands were free to do absolutely anything without restraint. I no longer had to care about where to place my bag while shopping.

Now let me talk about how roomy the bag is. YOU GUYS. EVERYTHING THAT I NEEDED FIT PERFECTLY IN THE BAG.

Since I do blog and vlog, I took my SonyA5100 with me all the time. I brought along an extra battery too because I hate having to deal with a camera low on juice. I also had my phone, a cord and a power bank, cash, hand sanitizer, and a few makeup products for quick touchups. 

EVERYTHING FIT IN THE BAG, YOU GUYS. It was amazing. I was looking at all the other bags being sold in Bali that had a similar design, and my Hanamayari bag was bigger than the usual. But the best part is, no matter how much bigger it was, it wasn’t too in your face with its size.

It was, as Goldilocks says, “just right”. 

Now, I don’t have a lot of bags in my closet and I usually only have a select few that I keep going back to on certain occasions. But from the looks of it, I already know I’m going to get so much use from my Hanan bag — especially with all the beaches we’ve yet to go to in the US! 

I can’t wait!