Besame En Esta Esquina

beach rota spain.JPG

There’s a little spot in Rota

A place by the sea

Where the wind’s blows can be powerful

But calming also she can be


There are seagulls flying

Dogs playing about

And a few babies pushed in strollers

Even after the moon has gone out

A church stands in one of the squares

And across it a cozy restaurant

They’ve got the best pastas and wines

Says a sign written in white font

The square is peaceful

Except for the occasional church bell

And a few clinks of the glass


From old ladies who choose to dine well

But I think out of all my favorite spots

One of them stands out the most

It is perhaps the most romantic one

The one that deserves a post

“Besame en esta esquina”

A brief but passionate phrase

For someone in a long distance relationship

Borrowed time isn’t just a passing phase

You take all that you’re given

And you look forward to what’s next

Sometimes it’s flight fares and new apartments

But really, you’d be happy with even just a text

Now let me end this poem

Lest I keep on going in rhyme

So besame en esta esquina

For when I see you next time