The Best Gift for a Military Spouse

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Being married to someone in the military means everything goes topsy-turvy — sometimes all at once.

I’ve talked to a number of military wives and a lot of them say one of the challenging parts of deployments isn’t just the goodbyes or see you laters given at the foot of the ship. Like really guys, that’s just the opening of Pandora's box.

The real challenge comes in the fact that they’re left to hold the fort — alone.

That means managing a household, getting the car fixed once it decides to suddenly break down for no reason at all, showing a strong face every time your kids cry because they miss their mom/dad when in reality all you want to do is bawl with them — I swear, you guys, the amount of times I’ve heard this happen just breaks my heart.

I’ve talked about Brave Crate in previous posts but now that the holiday season is kicking in full swing, I hope you don’t forget your military spouse friends who may be spending the holidays without their loved ones.

You can read more about my Brave Crate posts here and here. But in a nutshell, Brave Crate is a subscription box giving military spouses with differently themed surprises every month. Subscriptions come in 3 different price points: month-to-month ($39.99), 3 months ($36.99), and 6 months ($33.99).

Get $5 off your Brave Crate subscription with the code SBRX.

signed by roxci brave crate.jpg

This month’s Brave Crate had a Cozy theme so the box came with the following: a Cozy Hugs sticker kit, a pack of double hot chocolate, a warm brown sugar and fig bath bomb, a fleece lined beanie, a cup cozie, and The Cozy Life book by Pia Edberg.

I also received a bonus item of a vanilla candle from Wildling Creations. Btw I totally found the camo ribbon tied around it to be absolutely adorable. Hahah!

My personal favorite from this month’s package has to be a match between the double hot chocolate and The Cozy Life book. We’re only a few days away from moving in to our new house and I am sooooo determined to make my favorite areas as IG-worthy and as cozy as can be. (Btw stick around for a house tour in the next few weeks!) As for the hot chocolate, guys, let’s be real here. You can never go wrong with DOUBLE HOT CHOCOLATE during the holiday season. Add a handful of mini marshmallows, and you’re good to go!

But anyway, going back to what Brave Crate stands for, and why I’m such a fan of the brand.

signed by roxci brave crate

A lot of us military spouses (and I say ‘us’ because I’ve done this too) usually have a countdown in our heads, helping us remember that we’re x days away from being reunited with our service member spouses again. But to be honest, the countdown can be painful because as much as it raises excitement, it’s also a constant reminder that we’re still, as always, in a period of waiting.

And for impatient people like me, waiting can be agonizing at best.

Brave Crate helps military spouses like me shift our focus from the countdown to actually “bettering” ourselves during the waiting period.

Whether it’s through setting monthly goals or enjoying a cozy little pick me up, Brave Crate reminds us that there’s so much more than just waiting; and that waiting doesn’t have to be so darn hard, as long as the time is used wisely.

The holiday season is one of the hardest seasons to be apart from family, you guys. And for military spouses, it’s often even harder because they’re usually away from their families back home.

This Christmas, I hope you don’t forget to gift a Brave Crate to a military spouse who needs a little pick me up. The harsh truth is, sometimes the ones holding down the fort at home need a little bit more love during the holiday season.

Get $5 off your Brave Crate subscription with the code SBRX.