Book Review: If The Dress Fits

Taking a break from all my US entries to gush over a book I’ve just read. Btw, for all my friends who don’t know just yet, yes I’m back in the Philippines. The few exclamations I’ve gotten of “why are you here?!!” are humorous to me as it is to the rest of the people that can hear your surprise. Haha!

Moving on…


“What do you mean, you don’t want Tita Chi’s pichi-pichi?” she asked suspiciously. “They’re your favorite! Are you on a diet or something?”

I hated major assumption number one, that just because I didn’t want to eat, I was automatically on a diet. It was a Filipino thing, I guess. Any young lady of a certain age was always eating too much (’hija, you really should go on a diet!’) or eating too little (’ay hija, are you on a diet? Eat more!). I know Regina didn’t mean anything by her comment but it still stung.

Such is the life of Martha Aguas, a 24 year old accountant slash resident family event organizer, who lives her days loving the size she’s in – even if most of her titas think otherwise. 

She frequents drive thrus like nobody’s business, knows what whets her appetite, and can never say no to an extra bite of Sonya’s cheese hopia

She’s big, beautiful, and she owns it. 

And maybe that’s what makes her such a likable character. She knows her size and she loves it. And honestly, it’s refreshing to read her story.


For a while now, I’ve been buried deep in books and articles of business and finance. Though as much as I love learning more about them, I found myself yearning for an easy read, something that could take my mind off what already occupies me for the most part of my day. 

That’s when I came across Carla De Guzman’s soon to be released book “If The Dress Fits”. I signed up for a copy, downloaded the ebook on my iPhone, and told myself to read it sparingly. It’d be my break from the usual read, I told myself. 

I was wrong. I finished the book in 2 days. I would’ve finished it earlier, but alas life happens and sometimes meetings just can’t be missed. It was that good. Indulging even.


Usually, works of fiction that deal with subjects such as body image present the topic in a negative light. Big girls wanting to be thinner, or the already-skinny girl who sees herself in the mirror and rushes over to the nearest restroom to hurl – most stories that are unfortunate and upsetting.

But this book was different. If The Dress Fits, was about someone who loved her curves and would wear clothes daring onlookers to snicker or make a snide comment. Yet in spite of all that, she’d make a conscious decision to brush off all the negativity and just continue to love herself. 

Sure, there were moments of vulnerability and humorously candid thoughts throughout the book – I especially loved the part where she had to “suck it in” to fit the spanx up her torso – but that was it. They were only there in sporadic moments, overshadowed by kilig, empathy, and even a few steamy episodes.

I don’t want to give too much away, so let me just end this entry with a full 10/10 recommendation to go get a copy once If The Dress Fits hits the stands. It’ll be out starting October 15. 

Enjoy reading, everyone! :)