Give A Brave Crate To A Military Spouse

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A few years back, I sent a care package to my husband when he was deployed. I had an “Open When” theme going on, where I wrote instances on when he could open each of them. I went ham on the package, stuffing it with different envelopes and bags, each one containing a handwritten letter and a little something I hoped would help him get through the deployment. 

I’ve talked about long distance relationships for the longest time on my blog. I’ve given tips on how to get through it, how to know if the relationship is even worth it or not, among many other things. But I think one of the things I lacked was an in-depth post about self-care during a deployment. 

In hindsight, I used to wallow in bed for a day, dreading having to be “normal” again, because I never seemed to get over goodbyes said in an airport. I’d go about my days telling myself to get back to reality and slowly, everything would feel normal again. I’d start going back to the gym, responding back to work emails, and I’d treat myself to a pamper day or a shopping trip — not because I deserved it but because I just wanted to make myself feel better.

brave crate.jpg

Because the reality is, deployment does things to your mental state. So I’d do even the littlest things to perk up my day and keep me reminded that there was something to look forward to.

This is where Brave Crate comes in. 

It’s a subscription box that targets military spouses dealing with deployment. It’s genius because I mean, we spend so much time curating and creating our service member’s care package, that sometimes we’re left here thinking “Hey what about me?” Haha!

Brave Crate takes care of military wives like me. The ones expected to keep a house up and running, continue our side hustles, studies, and jobs — all while trying to make sure we don’t go insane from all the pressure and responsibilities of doing it all alone.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel so excited whenever I’m signed up for a subscription box. There’s just this element of mystery and something to look forward to every month. I honestly find it so thrilling whenever I do an unboxing, and my face just lights up when I know I have a package waiting for me. I’m like a kid on Christmas day, I swear.

Use the code “SBRX” to get $5 off your first Brave Crate box!

The theme for the August box was on reaching for the stars and making sure we never forget about our dreams. To be honest, this hit me on a personal note because there are times when I've pushed certain goals off to the side because there were just too many things going on all at once -- PCS, career shifts, you get the picture.

This month's box had a bullet journal, a super cool Galaxy pen, galaxy inspired soap, a care package decor kit, and my favorite, a solar-powered phone charger. I love it because now I've got an extra powerbank that I don't have to wait for hours to charge. My other one takes a full overnight to get charged and because I'm constantly changing bags I tend to forget where I've placed it. Whereas with the solar charger, I can just leave it in the car and have it automatically charge whenever the sun's out. It's literally that easy!

Aside from the fact that Brave Crate is a subscription box for military spouses, it’s also a business made by a military spouse. I am all in when it comes to supporting the military community because I’ve experienced firsthand how hard it is to get your goals and career going when married to someone in the military service — you never know when they’ll throw a surprise deployment or new PCS location at you. 

Want to get yourself a Brave Crate of your own? Or are you a service member on active duty and want to give your military spouse a Brave Crate?

Use the code “SBRX” to get $5 off your first Brave Crate box!