But I Can't

I want to tell you that your words burn
That they sting and dig their claws into my skin
Flesh teeming with cuts – ones too deep and some that skim just the surface

I want to tell you that sadness
Sometimes it just wants to be felt
It wants to be recognized
And that sometimes it’s okay
That not everything has to be peachy
Because God knows how fake the earth would be if it were so

I want to tell you that you aren’t always correct
But that doesn’t necessarily make me right every darn time
Maybe the entire situation is bollocks
But it’s there
It’s happening
And in the middle of a fight
Words are harshly thrown
Feelings spew left and right
Until we’re left breathless with only silence to fill the air

I want to tell you what I know to be true
Not because it annoys you
Or that it doesn’t work for you
But because I want you to know me
… Only sometimes I don’t think you do.