Charmed by DC

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I’ve been meaning to take my time with my US entries, if only because of a fear that once I’m done, I’d have to fully accept that reality has truly set in and that my trip has long past. I know. I can be quite stubborn. It’s April and I’m still yapping about a trip 3 months ago. That’s what you get for being sentimental, I suppose – it’s always a bit harder to move on. 

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Anyway, in the spirit of moving forward and welcoming new adventures, I feel like it’s only right that I start finishing with my US entries – I only have two last entries after this, I promise. For now, let’s talk about one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever visited: Washington DC.

Oh DC, you are absolutely breathtaking. Every building that you have is brilliantly designed. It seems as if every nook was well thought of and every crevice taken into detail. 

We stayed in Georgetown, which was practically a godsend, for having us in the middle of everything delicious. Georgetown was an eclectic mix of the traditional and the modern. One end had posh restaurants with waiting lines that proved it impossible to get dinner in an hour. The other end had cozy cafes with handwritten menus displayed out front. The famed Georgetown Cupcakes and Dean and Deluca along the streets didn’t hurt either. It was a beautiful neighborhood. 

We spent our first day in DC over at the Smithsonian National Zoo. And although I have no nice photos of the animals there, we had a brilliant time. It’s where I first stepped out of the car and experienced the glorious feeling of having snow gently land on your face. Who knew white specks of ice could be so gratifying?

We were in luck too because one of the shows that day were about orangutans – my absolute favorite animal of all time. I remember crying in the office before because I saw photos of them on my feed. So yup, I’m that kind of girl. Didn’t cry when I saw them in this zoo though! I might’ve only teared up a bit. 

Shout out to my husband who said to be in the show venue 30 minutes earlier to get good seats. Ladies, if your man understands your love for your favorite animal, keep him forever. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve brisk walked or ran like a crazy person just because I was so excited to see my lovely orange friends. Vergs, you are the best. Thank you for trailing along behind me and making sure people don’t think I’m demented.


We initially planned on heading over to DC to report our marriage at the embassy but since our second DC day happened to be a holiday, we went out exploring the neighborhood, and the parts beyond it. We walked from our apartment to the White House and several museums that day. What a workout.

Take a peek at our adventure here: VA and DC video. 


As weird as it may seem, Vergs and I actually learned not to overeat in Shake Shack. We settled on sharing a burger, fries, and a salted caramel milkshake to make up for all the other times we over ordered in Virginia. We shared a table with a dad and his son, who was mighty possessive with his milkshake. Hahah! I feel you, little man. I downed way more than my share because it was just too good.

Right next to Shake Shack was the International Spy Museum. Vergs and I stepped in to see if it was worth our time – since we still had loads of other museums to go to that day. We saw the price of the tickets, gave each other a look, and were just about to leave when someone asked us if we wanted to get his passes for free. Yup, he basically offered to save us $44.

To be honest, my trip to DC showed me just how nice some people can be. Not to mention, how incredibly jaded I am with the goodness of humanity sometimes. Here was a man offering us his tickets and I almost walked away thinking that it was just a scam. But it wasn’t. And he left us smiling and grateful with tour tickets in hand. 





By the way, the photo on the left is just one of the exhibits in the museum. You basically hold on to the rail as it brings you higher off the ground. The longer you stay on, the more spy-worthy you are.


Saving the last photo of this entry for one of my favorite places to food haul. I cannot even begin to tell you how much euphoria was involved while I was going through the aisles. Trader Joe’s, you have captured my heart and my stomach. I love your yogurt covered pretzels and have been lusting over them for the longest time. Praying to the heavens that I get to visit you again very soon.

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