Combatting hormones the best way I know how

I’ve heard that bananas are the go-to fruit for girls during that time of the month. It helps alleviate cramps, balance out hormones, and not to mention is a much healthier alternative to the bags of chips I want to bury my face in whenever I’m in a beastly mood. 

But the problem with bananas is that they leave me hungry almost all the time. So I can never just have one banana. It always has to be accompanied with something… sweet. Chocolate perhaps. Or maybe a cupcake. Or a pack of cookies. Ooh, or Chef Tony’s popcorn!

Anyway, I digress. During my last “hormonal episode”, I decided to make our panini press useful and put together what I’d like to call Dark Chocolate and Banana Stuffed French Toast. 

Boy was it delish! And it sure filled me up for a good 3 hours or so. Also, yay for domestication!