The Real Cost of LDR Flights

passport cover wallet camera.JPG

I call this the blog post that talks about the real cost of LDR flights. But really, it’s more of a “This is Why I’m Constantly Hustling” entry. Also, TLDR: LDRs can be crazy expensive. Especially if you’re going across different continents.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to go on 3 long haul flights. The first was when we got married in Virginia. The second was when Vergs had training in San Diego. And the last was when I finally set foot in Europe to be with Vergs in Spain.


In hindsight, I’m pretty bewildered with my 2016 expenses. Each flight costs about Php60,000-70,000. That’s roughly around Php200,000 spent on roundtrip flights alone!

Trips to Europe are even more expensive because of Schengen Visa applications, their corresponding fees, as well as travel insurance. It costs me at least Php10,000/Visa application — Php5,000 for the actual Visa application, and another Php5,000 for the travel insurance Spain requires.

Yes, being a US military spouse doesn't mean I get to travel Visa-free to Europe just yet. That privilege only works once I get my paperwork fixed. But more on that next time!

Recent update: I was granted a 2-year Schengen Visa a few weeks ago and both my wallet and bank account won't stop rejoicing! That’s basically 2 expenses off my list -- 3 if you count the obnoxiously high fares I pay Uber to bring me to the Visa application center and back.

2016 took such a toll on our expenses that Vergs and I decided to dial it down a bit for 2017. We agreed that I’d only go to Europe once this year. The next time I’d see him after that would be when he comes home for our Philippines wedding.

narra hill windows view.jpg

We’re down to our last few months before the wedding and my days are as filled as ever. More projects are taken, more investments are made, and more weekends are blocked off. I honestly think 2017 is one of my busiest years, ever. I don't think I've hustled this much as a freelancer before. I'm incredibly happy and fulfilled though. Every bit of work I've said yes to has paid off, both literally and figuratively!

P.S. The passport cover in the first photo was a birthday gift from the husband. I love how he remembered I was looking for one when we were still in Spain. I adore the customized #happilyeVERGARA bit at the front too!