Disney California Adventure | California, USA

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Disney California Adventure, for us, was the big brother of Disneyland – making the whole visit a pleasant surprise. If Disneyland was all puppies and rainbows, Disney California Adventure would’ve been the first mobile phone you ever owned. It made you feel cooler and opened up a whole new world of more grown up yet still PG-rated stuff.

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To be honest, we weren’t expecting much from Disney California Adventure aside from yet another day of long lines and tired feet. Don’t get me wrong, the lines were still long. There were just less crowds.


The day started off pretty well – even with me shaking my head at every rollercoaster we saw. It’s just not my things, guys. I’m all for adventures when it comes to hiking, but rollercoasters… I’d prefer not to deal with them.

I was happy strolling around the theme park looking for stalls selling turkey legs. Never having tried one before, I was really persistent in making sure I grabbed the chance that day. 

They were monstrous things really. Enormous legs of turkey that weighed over a pound each and were practically bigger than a face. They tasted really good though!

Btw I split the turkey leg with Vergs but I was still hungry for another one after. 

We spent a good amount of time in the Cars area mainly because of the Radiator Springs Racers ride. Long story short, the ride needed some fixing and everyone who waited for two hours – including us – were given instant fast pass tickets as a consolation. 

It wasn’t all that bad though. I mean, the set was amazing. I honestly felt like we just stepped into the cartoon.

Next on our list was the ferris wheel. Now, let me just make this clear. I love ferris wheels or anything that will give me a beautiful view. But if by any chance, those ferris wheels are the ones that rock to and fro like nobody’s business, then I’m calling it quits.

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And guess what, the carriages of this ferris wheel not only rocked, but they’d also slide to the other side when the wheel would turn. Basically, a double whammy in my book.

I don’t know which was more horrifying: the rocking and sliding motions while up in the air, or my reaction to it – I can be pretty vocal and verbally horrible when provoked. But oh well, I went through with it and lived!


A side note, if you want the carriage to stop moving, do not, I repeat, do NOT cling onto the rails for dear life. It’ll make the rocking worse. Trust me, I would know.

Overall, Disney California Adventure didn’t tire us out as much as I thought it would, which is a good thing, because (1) we were completely spent the day before in Disneyland, and (2) we still had a 2-hour drive back to San Diego ahead of us.

Not gonna lie, that weekend was one heck of a blast. But it was only the start of our road trips and adventures during our 3-month San Diego stay. 

Stick around for more of those stories!