Donut Bar, My Kind of Addiction


There are times when I stumble upon a gem of a place that I can’t help but tell everyone about it. This is exactly what happened with Donut Bar

After posting a series of snaps about how I had found the best donuts of my life, I had friends telling me to bring them there the next time they’d visit San Diego. Which I did. I have to admit, it was more for me than it was for them; I just couldn’t get enough of their donuts!

I first heard about Donut Bar through an article on Thrillist. I figured since one of the locations was just in Downtown San Diego and we’re there every two weeks or so, I’d give it a shot. Soon after the first visit, I found myself going back repeatedly – sometimes even just swinging by for a box.

Donut Bar’s offerings are a mouthful. First off, they’re giant-sized. I kid you not. Half of their selections are bigger than my face, which means you can literally eat a whole faceful of donut – if you know, you’ve got that massive an appetite. I, on the other hand, would tell myself to go easy and split one of these bad boys three ways. Leaves more room to try other flavors. So yay, win win! 

If you’re too overwhelmed by the size, you could opt to go with the regular sized donuts which are just as good. The Oreo donuts and the Half Chocolate Dipped Fritters are delicious beyond reason!


Second, the flavors are cheeky and outrageously enticing. They’ve got a donut named after Homer, which I guarantee looks exactly like the one in The Simpsons. They have a gorgeous Strawberry Split Donut (pictured above) that lasted me three days. It was so good, I wanted it to last me until the weekend. There’s also a beautiful Caramel Latte donut with a little dollop of cream in the middle that had me reeling for days. I got it twice btw. That good. 

In all the times that I’ve been to Donut Bar, I’ve had to wait patiently in line – save for that one 10:30am quick drive on a weekday for some donuts. 


I’m not one to love lines, and would probably pass at the chance of trying something new if it meant waiting for over an hour. Buuuut there’s just something strangely inviting about a donut store that has its own branded sports car displayed outside. That should say something about how successful they are, right? I mean, besides the coiling line of donut lovers spewing out onto the sidewalk…

Donut Bar, you have my soul. You’ve really earned the title of Best Donuts in the World. 

Now I only pray that you’d have even more locations – preferably one I’m currently residing in. #cometothephilippines #please