Drink Up

Lately, I’ve been having cases of headaches and lightheadedness due to my poor water intake. What can I say, it’s just so much easier wasting hours away on sips and gulps of coffee while furiously going through work emails and to do lists. Water is just… Well to put it bluntly, not up to par.

But as much as I loved my coffee, I knew that I had to up my water game. I had two choices – either limit my coffee intake or drink loads of water to make up for it. I failed at the former, so I chose to get an app to help get me sorted for the latter.


The app in the lower right area has been my no fail answer in making sure that I get my more than recommended 8 glasses a day. I get hourly reminders to drink up for 14 hours a day. The app just never shuts up – something I love and loathe about it, to be honest. 


Two weeks into this habit and I’ve already seen a massive difference during the weekdays. I’m finally headache-free!! 

Well, that is of course until I gorge on junkfood or have another stressful episode. But then again, that’s another story!