Eating Our Way Through Tokyo

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If you had to pick one Japanese food to live on for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My answer would be sushi.

signedbyroxci ramen tokyo japan food

Doesn’t matter if it comes off a conveyor belt or if it’s from a Japanese 7 Eleven or Family Mart, if it’s sushi, you can bet anything that I’ll eat it.

I guess that’s why our Japan trip was such a no brainer. My husband and I could live off Japanese food and to be honest, we’re even thinking about getting stationed in Japan for our next duty station. Perks of that would be (1) the food and (2) how it’s a 4-hour plane ride away from Manila. But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves.


Where To Go For Ramen

Let me start off this story by saying that we were starving when we landed in Tokyo. We chose not to snack on the plane and decided to stay away from any vending machines in the Narita airport — despite my whining because #hangry. After we checked in at our hotel, we were ready to feast.

At that point, we were so hungry, we didn’t even walk any further and entered the first restaurant we saw. The name of the place was in Japanese and we had no clue as to whether or not it had good reviews, but we were desperate for food. So in we went.

AND OH MY GOODNESS. It was by far, the best ramen we have ever tasted to date!

I don’t know if the food tasted even better because we were starving, but what I do know is this: Vergs and I took our first bites and already knew that our Japan trip was going to be a hell of a great time for our bellies!

And we were ready!

Here’s a link to the ramen restaurant in case you’re interested.

Where Else To Go For Ramen

Speaking of ramen, I felt like it would be a disservice if we didn’t try a bowl over at Ichiran. So we met up with our friends Dette and Suli, and got another bite to eat!

Most ramen restaurants operate on what I call a vending system. This means you insert money into a machine, push the button of the dish you want, get your receipt, and give it to the restaurant staff.

It definitely makes the whole ordering process a lot easier because it minimizes any room for error and misunderstanding when it comes to language. It’s all pretty efficient!

Dining at Ichiran was an experience of its own too because instead of being brought to a big table, we were brought to empty cubicles for our own private dining experience. The dividers could be taken away but it was almost encouraged to eat by yourself and give your meal the respect and attention it needs.

No phones, no talking with your friends, and no distractions. That way, you get to eat your ramen in peace and while it’s still at its perfect temperature.

Travel tip: Want to bring some Ichiran ramen home? They sell them by the box over at the entrance!

ichiran ramen tokyo japan

Where To Go For Street Food

Never pass up an opportunity to go to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market when you’re in Tokyo. Like don’t even think about it. Seriously.

It is one of the most delicious food markets I have ever been to. We spent about $100 in Japanese Yen when we went to Tsukiji and we don’t even regret it. I’ve lost count over the amount of food that we consumed that day. But I’m pretty sure we had at least 7 servings of grilled seafood. And mind you, that doesn’t even include the sushi, sashimi and desert plates we consumed after. IT WAS BY FAR ONE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS DAYS EVER.

Travel tip: Bring cash when you go to the market.

unagi tsukiji market tokyo japan

What To Get In Tokyo Disney

We went into Tokyo Disney hearing that it had the best food options out of all the Disney theme parks, so we were pretty excited. But after trying out their Garlic Shrimp Popcorn and not being impressed with their other offerings, we were ready to call it a day. That is until we tried the seashell ice-cream over at Tokyo Disney Sea.

This may just be the only food item that I loved over at Tokyo Disney, but man was it a beauty. I mean, besides the fact that it’s just Instagram-pretty, it tasted really good too! It’s an ice-cream sandwich with a layer of jam inside that gives a tartness to the sweet dessert. 100% would recommend!

Not gonna lie, I would’ve probably gotten another one, had I not been worried about my pants already getting tighter as our Tokyo days progressed. But ah, we had more Japan cities to go and needed more room for our bellies, so I had to turn away from the little food stall.

Do I regret not getting another ice-cream sandwich? Kind of.

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