A Testament of Gratitude || ExVoto Vintage Jewelry

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In my opinion, it takes a certain skill set and personality to choose to look at the brighter things in life. Not just to acknowledge it but to actually make something beautiful from something unfortunate.

Yet that’s exactly how ExVoto was brought to life. The brand was a result of both gratitude and an unwavering path for solace.

Personally, the past few days in Hawaii have left me in a state of distress — one that’s sprung from being in an unfamiliar place and learning to call it home. And it’s insane, I know, because the thing about living in paradise is well, the fact that it IS paradise! Hawaii’ views are insane, the seafood choices are great, and basically, everybody goes here for a vacation.

signed by roxci exvoto

But I feel like all the moving around has slowly been taking a toll on me. We’ve gone from Spain to Manila, then San Diego, and now we’re on our last leg of the journey.

I just had my birthday last October 27, and all I could really ask for was peace of mind. A day when I could stop thinking about future houses and viewing appointments and a day when I wouldn’t look at my growing list of things to do.

For the longest time, I feel like I’ve just been looking for solace. And it’s been challenging finding it and knowing that sooner or later, I’d have to give it up and find something else since we’d be moving. And it’s annoying because I love traveling and feel incredibly grateful that we get to go to all these places. But I guess the process of leaving home for good (Manila), and not having a home base (just yet) is what’s been making me feel uneasy.

I know the path to finding solace isn’t easy, which is why I extremely think highly of Elizabeth, the founder of ExVoto.

ExVoto means a testament of gratitude. Elizabeth created the brand after losing her youngest daughter to a brain tumor. How she was able to create a brand at such a trying part of her life is truly admirable beyond reason. She says ExVoto was her way of finding solace.

By giving new life to vintage jewelry pieces, she was able to give each item more character. The brand also serves as a reminder to her that life can still be beautiful despite all its challenges.

signed by roxci exvoto

All ExVoto’s pieces are limited edition, timeless, and lead-free and cadmium-free — which says a lot about how meticulous Elizabeth is with her craft. A portion of each sale also goes to pediatric brain cancer research, a cause Elizabeth has taken to heart from the very start.

My personal favorite out of all the pieces is the Coleman ID bracelet. I had my initials of “RDV” engraved, which is such a nice customized touch to a bracelet I now wear every day. I’ve actually come to realize that I love engraved jewelry pieces. It instantly makes jewelry more special and more personal, which is everything jewelry should be in the first place.

If you’d like to get a Coleman ID bracelet of your own, you can use the code “ROX20” to get 20% off.