February Five-orites

Monthly five-orites is a personal attempt of being grateful for five key highlights of the month. They could include the most mundane things really. You have been warned.

I’m thinking about skipping Valentine’s day for this month’s post because of two reasons: (1) LDRs make special occasions hard to celebrate and (2) I already wrote a post about it here.

February’s been a pretty awesome month. New experiences and opportunities have been popping out of nowhere and I feel extremely fortunate for each and every one of them. It’s been scary and exciting, familiar and at the same time strange. Anyway! Let me get started on the list before I fall asleep due to my meds.


1. How To Get Away With Murder

This is exactly how I feel after some of the most intense episodes of the tv series. It’s gotten so bad that heart palpitations and flip-the-table feels have become a usual. Yup, I’m hooked real bad.

The wait for the second season is killing me so I’m on the lookout for a new series to latch on to. Maybe I’ll try watching Scandal or Empire next!


2. Buzzfeed Taste Videos

Tumblr’s new interface isn’t really helpful when it comes to uploading videos on a post so if you want to watch this particular one, here’s a link that will direct you to it. I’ve a thing for food – particularly of ones that I have yet to try – so seeing all these unique snacks getting gobbled up makes me insanely jealous of the lucky Buzzfeed staff in the taste videos. I’m definitely making a mental note to list down all the items that I could potentially try for future travelling purposes.



3. A new day job

Earlier this month, I joined a new company and took myself out of my three-week funemployment. Although I can’t say much about the company and position for now, I will say that it’s a new challenge for me to face and that so far, I’ve been learning so much along the way. Also, I’ve only recently realized how powerful it is when your bosses inspire you at work. It gives you a whole new way of looking at yourself and makes you accountable for so much more than what is simply expected of you. Here’s to hoping I’ll be making people proud with the rest of the year ahead!

the rookie baker chocolate chip cookies.jpg

4. Homemade Cookies

With a new employment opportunity comes an even more personal endeavor: a chance to actually put the cookie monster in me to good use by abusing our pantry and oven to make batches of these babies. I’m starting small and selling chocolate chip cookies by the dozen but so far, all is well, tummies are filled, and smiles are apparent. I’m adding more variants to experiment with soon – maybe something with green tea or coffee. I may be getting ahead of myself though because I don’t even have a name for my soon-to-be brand just yet. Any thoughts on this one? 

Oh, before I forget, contact me at 09175616857 for any cookie orders.


5. Even more stints to keep myself busy

From freelance writing and marketing gigs to 6-hour shoots, I feel like God has honestly just been showering me with so many activities lately and I for one couldn’t be more thrilled. I think it’s only now that I’m realizing the value of gigs done outside of a day job. More opportunities not only make for a better financial capability but they also make me richer in terms of experiences and networks. This weekend alone has already been a testament to that.

Now that I’m at the end of my list, I can’t help but recall a phrase from a daily devotional app. It said something about busying yourself with opportunities instead of worrying about trivial matters. Now I know myself well enough to say that I’m a complete worrier and over-thinker so I do think that I give a large amount of time to useless thoughts. I think that God’s giving me hints here and there to trust Him more though, and well from the looks of how things are going for me so far, I can’t think of any reason not to.