First Trimester Pregnancy Q&A

Now that our pregnancy announcement is up, I wanted to dive in a little deeper and answer a few questions about how life as a mom-to-be has been so far!

signed by roxci pregnancy qa

How did you find out?
My period was delayed for about a month, and although that should be the first sign, my period usually gets delayed whenever I’m stressed, so I didn’t think too much of it. Also, I kind of had a feeling when I woke up one morning that I was pregnant. It’s weird, I know, but I like to call it my first glimpse of mother’s intuition. ;)

Did you and your husband plan the pregnancy?
Yes, we did. We knew months before that we were going to try our luck at starting a family in Hawaii. It worked out perfectly because he was on shore duty, and we were finally settled in our new home. We got a few months of “training” too because we became puppy parents last October. Haha!

How are you feeling?
I’m doing okay, to be honest! I’ve been eating every 2 hours now and I’m honestly just glad nausea has seemed to fade away. I still find I can’t ride in cars though. Something about being in sedans and being close to the ground makes me queasy.

Have you gained any weight yet?
I feel like I lost a chunk of my muscle weight because of nausea, so my weight gain hasn’t been that apparent. Since getting pregnant, I’ve only gained 2 pounds and I’m almost on my 15th week.

Do you already have names picked out?
Yes for a girl, but we’re still on the fence about what we’d want for a boy’s name.

What’s your most favorite thing about pregnancy so far?
The fact that I’m growing a person inside of me! It’s so weird because pre-pregnancy, I was so spooked about the entire thing and had no idea if my body could even handle it. A little overdramatic, I know, but pregnancy really scared me. Now though, I see all these changes happening to my body, and it makes me feel so happy! Like I honestly have to stop and ask myself who I am now because some days I feel like I did a whole 180 turn from who I was before.

What’s your least favorite thing about pregnancy so far?
Nausea and the constant smells from everything.

What are your usual cravings?
On a more constant note, I’ve been craving for food that isn’t readily accessible to Hawaii. Things like Paotsin dumplings with rice, Singapore’s Hokkien Mee and Popiah — basically a ton of Asian food! But on a day to day basis, I think my cravings change really quick. One day, I could be craving for donuts, and the next I’d want some siomai. It really depends on my mood.

How do you want to give birth? Natural or unnatural?
I’m set to give birth at a hospital, but I’m still on the fence about the whole epidural thing. I’ve heard a few horror stories on both sides, so I don’t really have a set answer at the moment.

After this baby, how many more kids do you hope to have?
My husband and I want at least 1 boy and 1 girl, but we’d probably cap it off at 3 kids maximum.

In all honesty, I feel like pregnancy has made my husband and I become more forward-thinking. On that note, we might even have a few upcoming announcements before the year ends. But for now, I’ll just continue to get comfortable in my second trimester, because after all that happened in my first 3 months, I definitely earned it!