Gimme Some Guac


I love guacamole – maybe even a little more than I should. Our last three months in San Diego had me stuffing my face with platters of chips and guac, and as much as I’d like to say that they were homemade, they weren’t. But that doesn’t mean they tasted any less than good. 

Vergs and I would order chips and guac practically every moment we could. That includes weekly drive thrus to Taco Bell and visits to cozy little hole in the wall Mexican restaurants that could do the simple appetizer justice. I call it an appetizer, but really, I’d be down to eat the whole plate as a meal if I could. In my defense, I’d be hitting all the important food groups. Chips for the carbs, avocado for the fruits, and salsa for the veggies – it was perfect.

Years ago, my family and I used to have an avocado tree smack dab in our backyard. But it gave way to termites before I had the chance to appreciate the delicious thing that is guacamole. I do have fond memories of it though. Pockets of nostalgia where my mom would give us cups of mushed up avocado flesh dusted in brown sugar and mixed with milk. And although I wasn’t one to favor them then, I have to say that I’d give anything to have our avocado tree back. 

I guess it’s true what they say. Sometimes you only realize the value of certain things once they’re gone.