Gloves Are Off

I chose to give up my juice detox money in exchange for 10 boxing sessions at Elorde. Call it making a more practical decision, I guess.

I’ve been holding off going back to my gloves for the longest time – despite my many bursts of “I want to box again” – because I’ve been a teeny bit nervous about how certain surges of memories could affect me. But then, I realized that my boyfriend wouldn’t have wanted me to mope around at home, especially when what I really wanted to do was punch out all my emotions on a pair of mitts.

Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush and the endorphins that keep me going feeling empowered, but I’ve finally decided that I don’t want to simply go with the flow anymore. Now, I think it’s time for me to be more passionate about getting what I’ve been wanting for the longest time.

Forgive me for being cryptic, but I’d really not divulge much at the moment. TTFN!

Roxci De LeonComment