Good Gosh Godiva

godiva chocolate covered strawberries.jpg

Some people salivate over Godiva’s chocolates or their soft serve ice-creams.

But me? I lust over their chocolate covered strawberries.

Costing a little over $12, the price is quite steep. I remember clutching my wallet, thinking about whether or not it was worth forking over my cash for five strawberries. It’s too expensive. Do I really want it? I can always get something else…

I took  a final glance at the display case, licked my lips, and made my decision. 

“One cone, please. To go.”


Godiva’s strawberries come in either dark or milk chocolate. Whenever given a choice, it’s always best to choose the former.

The strawberries are monstrous. Engorged and plump, flaunting of a rich red hue. One bite will make its juice run down a person’s chin and fingers. It’s just that good.

And the chocolate? It’s a generous coating all around the fruit. The chocolate is so thick that a startling crack sounds off as your teeth sinks into the strawberry. It’s basically the sound you hear when you first bite into a Magnum bar, but multiplied threefold. 

Sigh. Thank you, Godiva. You have given me a happiness like no other.