Another Dose of Gringo Greats


I have a thing for favorites but I hate sounding like a broken record. That being said, whenever I do recommend something for the second time, it means I’m a complete convert and would tell the ends of the world the things I’m completely in love with.

I’ve talked about Gringo previously in a past entry. But what I haven’t mentioned is the frequency of my visits. Granted that I do go in and out of the Philippines a lot, I’m not usually one to go to a restaurant more than twice when in the country, but Gringo’s got me too hooked. I just can’t quit.

gringo signed by roxci.jpg
gringo signed by roxci.jpg

So it’s no surprise that I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to attend the opening of their latest branch in the O2 Square building of Greenhills. Latin food at one of my favorite places while in Manila? YES PLEASE.

I’ve already given Gringo’s Nacho Grande and their Chicken a 5 out of 5 on my DO scale before, so I’ll save you the extra seconds of reading about how much I love it… But I will say this: THEIR FOOD IS SO BOMB you might not even feel guilty about your food baby in the end.

Gringo’s latest branch in Greenhills boasts of a 150 pax space that can be rented for private parties and gatherings — perfect for all those Cinco de Mayo celebrations happening next weekend!

Then again, a Mexican occasion isn’t really the only reason to celebrate. Sometimes, just the mere chance of stuffing your face with nachos and margaritas is already enough reason to get that Latin food fix.

Also, let’s be real here. When have we ever needed a reason to drink?

I don’t really review a lot of cocktails on my blog because I’ve always preferred wine. But Gringo’s cocktails are way up my alley. I’m not even bothered by the extra calories from the cocktails. I figure I’ll just sweat them off the next day in the gym anyway.


House Mojito (P160/glass) 5 out of 5 on the DO scale (left)

Mojitos what I’d call silent killers. They look pretty, taste sweet albeit tangy, and can reel in and pack a punch as you’re downing a second glass. Gringo’s House Mojito keeps it pretty simple with its mint, lime, and Bacardi Rhum, but somehow the way they mix it always keeps me coming back. I would know because even though I have my alcohol-detox days, I still can’t say no to a glass of this. I give myself the excuse that since it's got lime it’s technically a serving of my daily fruits… But also let me file this moment under my list of Nonsense Things I Tell Myself.

El Gringo Margarita (P360) 5 out of 5 on the 5 DO scale (right)

This massive masterpiece of a margarita has a full bottle of Corona sticking out of the glass. It looks like a piece of art, really — lovely to look at, but a little unnerving to touch. Do I lift the bottle? Will the drink overflow? Will I cause a mess?

Well, guess who thought she was clever enough and lifted the bottle ever so carefully, only to find that she panicked and had to instantly sip a ton of the drink to keep it from overflowing. Lesson learned, approach with caution. Also if all else fails, drink. It’s what the margarita is for anyway.

gringo signed by roxci.jpg

Baby Back Ribs (P745 full rack with sides) 5 out of 5 on the DO scale

I love a good rack of baby back ribs and prefer mine with a good layer of sauce -- but not too much that the sauce ends up dripping everywhere. Gringo’s Back Back Ribs is something I was extremely surprised with because in all the times I’ve eaten at the restaurant, never have I once ordered the ribs. I always got their nachos and their chicken — never more, never less. I figured why change something that was already done perfectly in the first place.

And yet, when we were served the ribs during the branch opening event, I was floored. It was so good! One of the games of the night even involved a contest, where the person with the highest number of clean rib bones won an Apple watch.

Anyway, back to my order of ribs. I ordered mine as a full rack to share and got 3 sides of roasted squash, marbled potato salad, and garlic rice. When ordering sides, I seriously suggest going for either their roasted squash or roasted kamote. The squash, in particular, is one of my ultimate faves because it’s garlicky and it’s got a bite to it. The only thing I’m wishing for now is that Gringo includes a side of sweet potato fries on their menu. I can’t help it, I love my crunchy sweet potato goodness!

It looks like Gringo’s done it yet again. It’s my second review of their restaurant after countless visits, and I’m still rating everything as a 5 over 5 in my Do or Ditch scale. Call it favoritism if you wish, but I know myself well enough to say that if I don’t like something, I wouldn’t blog about it. So this simply leaves me to say that it all buckles down to this: Gringo’s Latin fare is indeed muy delicioso.