#HappilyeVERGARA Wedding Suppliers

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“Your wedding is only as good as the wedding suppliers you hire for your special day.” That served as my second wedding rule during the 2-year planning period.

The first rule? It was I had to remember that it was our wedding, not anyone else’s. It’s easy to get swept into the whole wanting-to-please-everyone stage, but the reality is, this thinking does more harm than good.

Anyway, I digress.

I was fortunate enough to work with many suppliers that didn’t let me down. Since it’s not often that I get to cross paths with these brands, I thought I’d write my stellar reviews in this post. Think of this as a trusty wedding suppliers catalog from me to you!

List of Recommended Wedding Suppliers

Bridal and Honeymoon Suite: Cliffhouse Inn, Tagaytay

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I had 2 considerations for my bridal suite: size and aesthetic. Bridal suites can get pretty crowded — I had over 15 people in the room at one point. So I wanted a space big enough for my parents, my bridesquad, my HMUA’s set up, and my photo and video teams.

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But size wasn’t enough. The place had to look pretty and clean, decked in shades of whites and other neutral colors. After all, most of the photos and videos in an SDE involve the wedding prep period. This means a lot of footage is taken in the bridal suite. There are shots of a bride in her dress robe, photos of the entourage getting made up, videos of the gift opening and so on. Since our wedding revolved around neutral colors, I wanted a bridal suite that fitted the scheme too.

Cliffhouse Inn has the biggest luxury suite in Tagaytay. Though it only has 4 suites in service, the 2 corner suites come at a whopping 100 square meters each. It has 2 queen beds, a roomy living room, and a bathroom that puts others to shame. The best part is, the suite opens to an impeccable view of Taal Lake thanks to its private terrace that includes an outdoor jacuzzi.

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happilyevergara wedding roxci.jpg

IT’S FREAKING HUGE, YOU GUYS. No one in my entourage and suppliers was bumping into each other; despite all the bags, luggage, and the mannequin scattered all over. I loved the suite so much I even booked it for our honeymoon.

Tip: Get the Minot’s Ledge Suite as your bridal prep room. The aesthetics are cleaner — great for your photos and videos.

  • Cliffhouse Inn
  • Website: http://www.theinnatcliffhousetagaytay.com/


Invitations: Rika Callangan (design) and Tin Sadie (stamp)

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I’ve known Rika since my advertising days and I’ve always thought of her to be an incredibly creative person who’s a whiz at Photoshop. Working with her was so easy because I just sent over my pegs and let her work her magic. In the end, I LOVED how my invites turned out.

Since our wedding had a rustic theme, I chose to have our invitations placed in a brown envelope. But I had a problem with it looking too plain and wasn’t keen on having addressees names calligraphed on the outside. Instead, Tin helped out by working on a stamp I could use for the envelopes. It really helped tie everything together.

  • Rika Callangan
  • Contact Number: 09985681789
  • Email: marikacallangan@gmail.com
  • Tin Sadie
  • Email: teentinsadie@gmail.com


Bridesmaid Dresses: Infinity Dresses by Sylvia Pinero

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happilyevergara wedding bridesmaids.jpg

I’ve never known a more versatile dress than the infinity dress. I love how the necklines could be interchanged, which meant my bridesmaids would get to wear them more than once.

I had my bridesmaid dresses done with a trusted seamstress who had her own set of fabric swatches. Having them made via a seamstress also meant the lengths of the dresses could be customized as well.

Tip: Buy infinity dresses in bulk to get discounts.

  • Sylvia Pinero
  • Contact Number: 09215640470


Bridal Robe: Lisse MNL

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I started loving all things sleepwear early last year. I’d stock up on pajamas, nightgowns, and robes just because I wanted a sense of luxury and comfort.

I've adored Lisse MNL’s robes ever since I saw a sample of their work. Their price range was right in my budget and their customization options were endless. Definitely 100% recommend their service.

Tip: Order early, especially if you’re buying in bulk. Their lead time ranges from 2-4 weeks.

  • Lisse MNL
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/lissemnl/
  • Email: lissemnl@gmail.com


HMUA: Hennessy Del Rosario Makeup Artistry

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happilyevergara wedding roxci.jpg

Hen’s been doing makeup for weddings, actresses, and even pageant girls, so her street cred’s already up the charts. But she’s also my high school best friend, and I’m so happy she jumped at the opportunity to glam up me and my entourage.

I’m still in shock over how she made me look like I wasn’t sick on my wedding day. My guests didn’t even believe me when I said I couldn’t drink because of all my meds. (Click this if you want to read how I was nursing a fever the morning of my wedding.)

  • Hennessy Del Rosario Makeup Artistry
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/inhennsmakeupchair/
  • Email: hennessydelrosario@yahoo.com


Prin. Sponsors Favors: Haven Home Scents

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Most rustic themed weddings provide principal sponsors with a bottle of wine enclosed in a wooden box. But I preferred something a bit more elegant. After days of scouring the web for other options, I came across Haven Home Scents on my newsfeed. A week later, I placed my order. I picked two scents for my principal sponsors. Pear, Tea, and Honeysuckle had a floral and feminine fragrance. While Sparkling Lime and Grapefruit had a more masculine scent.

There isn’t anything bad I can say about Haven Home Scents. Their packaging is clean and elegant, their branding is on point, and their scents can upgrade a room from drab to fab.

  • Haven Home Scents
  • Website: https://www.postscriptdesigns.com/haven
  • Email: havenhomescents@gmail.com


Wedding Dress: Ivory & White

Some brides prefer to have their wedding dress custom-made. But I chose a ready-to-wear option instead because of 2 reasons: (1) price and (2) value.

I’ve talked about how knowing the wedding non-negotiable detail is important in a previous post. Since my venues were my non-negotiable item, I chose to downplay everything else, including my wedding dress. Custom-made dresses can cost twice of what a ready-to-wear dress costs, which in my opinion, is a little crazy. Then again, having a custom-made dress wasn’t really a priority for me. I just wanted it to feel beautiful in whatever I was wearing.

Ivory & White was such a blessing because it's located in Katipunan: an area I used to frequent almost every day. They had tons of dresses I could choose from, and they always gave me a heads up whenever a new shipment would arrive. Their prices were perfect for my budget too.

To say that I loved my dress is an understatement. It was exactly how I pictured my dream wedding dress. Off shoulder with a corset type bodice that wasn’t too poofy at the skirt. It was perfect.

  • Ivory & White
  • Website: https://www.ivoryandwhitebridal.com/
  • Contact Number: 09173242280


Flowers: RCJC Flowers

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happilyevergara wedding rcjc flowers.jpg

My wedding planners said booking a local-based wedding supplier would be more beneficial than a Manila-based one. So they introduced me to a supplier they trusted, RCJC Flowers. I had them pretty up the Chapel decorations and entrusted them with my bridal and entourage’s flowers.

I only had 3 requirements for the flowers. I wanted (1) arrangements to look clean, (2) colors of only white (flowers) and green (leaves), and (3) a few sunflowers for my bridal bouquet. I remember my face immediately lighting up once I saw the flowers delivered to my bridal suite.

Tip: Opt for fans for female principal sponsors, if your ceremony’s going to be held in a non-airconditioned space.

  • RCJC Flowers
  • Email: rcjc_flowers@yahoo.com.ph


Catering and Reception Styling: M Catering & Fine Foods

happilyevergara wedding m catering.jpg

I was introduced to M Catering at a wedding I performed in. To be honest, I was so impressed by their rustic theme set up, I asked one of the waiters for a card soon after.

Food and styling are two extremely important elements of any celebration so standards need to be higher for these suppliers. M Catering didn’t disappoint in both. Our guests were so well fed with dishes of lechon tanglad, roast Iberian chicken, spinach baked fish, prosciutto spaghetti and so much more.

M Catering’s package was incredible because they took care of so many items on my wedding list. Wedding decorations and set up, bridal car, sound system, mood lights, cake… They even included a dessert buffet spread in my package.

Tip: Ask for Rainier to be your event associate. He’s amazing!

  • M Catering & Fine Foods
  • Website: http://www.mcatering.ph/
  • Rainier’s Email: rgabriel.mcatering@gmail.com
  • Rainier’s Contact Number: 09176263944


Reception Venue: Narra Hill

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happilyevergara wedding narra hill.jpg
happilyevergara wedding narra hill.jpg

Narra Hill is breathtaking during the day and night. For the longest time, I’ve been captivated with glass pavilions. They look so classy, delicate and intimate. I’ve been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. When I had my ocular at Narra Hill, I was ready to sign and reserve on the spot. But because I was afraid of making decisions on a whim, I slept on it before making a payment. It didn’t take more than a week before I reserved though.

Narra Hill’s all-inclusive package gave me the use of their venue from 7am-12am — ingress and egress included. Their entire venue is massive. When I say massive, I mean it comes with 2 gardens, a pavilion that can seat up to 250 people, a lagoon, bridge, waterfall, courtyard, bar area, parking for 90 cars, and a bridal room. And to top it all off, they also provided use of the venue’s 4 suites and the pool during the day of the wedding.

Having the entire venue all to our wedding was important to me because I didn’t want any gatecrashers “accidentally” entering the place. Also, can I just say that practically every corner of Narra Hill is so picturesque?! I mean, we went from the pavilion to the garden and everything still looks so nice!

Tip: Tell your guests beforehand about the steep road going to Narra Hill.

  • Narra Hill
  • Website: http://www.narrahill.com/
  • Email: narrahillreservations@gmail.com


Videographer: Ian Cruz Films

Wedding films and SDEs are so much more than just showing clips of events. To me, they’re about telling a story, something that’s often easier said than done.

Ian Cruz is an amazing storyteller with the way he puts his videos together. Vergs and I can be so different at times, and I think Ian and his team were witnesses to this while they were filming during our wedding prep. Basically, I’m more of a sentimental person, and Vergs is an all around joker who never fails at making others laugh. He took both of our personalities and created an SDE that captured exactly who we are together and apart. He is brilliant.

  • Ian Cruz Films
  • Website: iancruzfilms.com
  • Email: iancruzfilms@gmail.com


Photographer: Regina Roque

happilyevergara wedding regina roque photography.jpg
happilyevergara wedding.jpg
happilyevergara wedding regina roque photography.jpg

I feel like I’ve been gushing about Regina’s photography for the longest time. But I can’t help it, I love her style. I smile every time I look at my wedding photos — and it’s already been more than a month since we said our "I Dos" (again).

Regina has a way of bringing emotions into her photos without sacrificing on her aesthetic. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She asks the right questions, the ones you can’t answer without smiling from within or without tearing up — much to my mom’s demise hahaha! She’s a borderline professional and I will forever be grateful with how she turned into an impromptu wedding planner when the time called for it.

She is by far the best wedding supplier in my list. And I won’t stop recommending her because she truly is a professional with an amazing gift.

  • Regina Roque Photography
  • Website: reginaroque.com
  • Email: hello.photographybyregina@gmail.com


And with that, I finally end my wedding blog stint. It was such a pleasure talking about all things wedding-related, from engagement shoot tips, wedding supplier decisions, and gushing about how our actual wedding went.

I sincerely hope my list of recommended suppliers help you and your partner make your wedding day even more magical and worry-free. Congratulations, lovers!