Holy Week Thoughts

- Photo taken from the St. Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican city

“And while man’s immediate solution is death, God’s has always been life.”

I spent the early hours of Maundy Thursday’s evening in BGC’s CS Walkway, something I have both loved and looked forward to every Holy Week. 

I have a weakness for well-written sentences, ones that tug on emotions, the good and the ugly. And somehow – to me at least – the sentences written on the CS Walkway’s stations have a way of tapping into certain vulnerabilities. Written above is one of the statements that struck me the most. 

Glaring political issues aside, I hope this year’s Holy Week is spent with a bit of reflection. With all the earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and political differences happening left and right, I think it’d do the world good if we not only offered a prayer or two, but also remembered and practiced the values we once grew up with. 

Have a blessed and restful Holy Week, everyone.