Tokyo, The Honeymoon That Almost Never Happened

signedbyroxci tokyo japan

When Vergs and I were talking about where to spend our honeymoon after our Church wedding, one of the questions that came up was “should we even go on one?” I mean, we were pretty much living the life with trips to Europe at least once a year, plus we had our wedding expenses to think about.

But as we were thinking about where we would even go, once we started talking about Japan, it became pretty clear that the honeymoon was a go, no matter what.

I could go on and on about how Vergs and I love Japanese food, but I think that deserves a post all on their own. So for now, let’s get a head start on some of the things we did in Tokyo.

Here are 7 things to do in Tokyo

If there’s one thing I would recommend you do before going to Tokyo, it’s that you bring sensible shoes. Ones that are comfortable to walk in, and won’t leave you with blisters all over. I think I bought 1-2 pairs of shoes just because my feet were dying from the pain.

Trust me on this, you guys, A LOT OF WALKING WILL BE INVOLVED.

Aside from getting our fill of ramen and sushi, one random thing Vergs and I found ourselves completely lost in were these seemingly little arcade stores that open up to such a massive space inside. They were filled with crane machines luring you in with different stuffed toys, where you could try your luck for a few hundred yen.

I don’t know if it was just Vergs and me being competitive, but we did manage to get at least one stuffed toy before we left Japan. Just don’t ask us how much it cost and how many tries it took though. We don’t even want to remember. Haha!

Being in Japan also gave us a chance to meet up with some of our military friends. Dette and Suli were our friends from Rota, Spain and they were recently based in Yokosuka, Japan, which was about an hour train ride away from Tokyo. Having them around was one of the best things because apart from their humor, they know their stuff when it comes to Japan. Not gonna lie, they could be tour guides! They knew all the best places to go, the food we had to try, and the little ins and outs that only residents of the country would know. Point blank, they were awesome and we would’ve probably been so lost without them!

Btw you can pick your fortune at the Asakusa shrine. There are instructions written in English so even foreigners can join in. More on the video here.

Also, there’s a little stall near the Temple where you can get yummy buns as a snack. You can have them filled with ice-cream or eat it on its own, but just make sure to get them when they’re warm. So good!

signedbyroxci tokyo japan fortune

Since I’m leaving all the food for another post, I won’t talk about Harajuku and the famous Tsukiji Fish Market just yet. But I will talk about 2 things on our itinerary that I think should be a part of a Tokyo bucket list.

We booked 2 tickets for a Robot show on a whim. We paid about $100 in total and didn’t really know what to expect except entertainment. Online reviews warned us that the show itself wouldn’t really make sense in terms of the story, but that the flashy costumes and big robots would be a good way to spend the night.

Long story short, it was indeed a fun and interesting evening. Moral of the story, things won’t always have to make sense to be enjoyed.

Another must-do item on my Tokyo bucket list would be Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. Then again, I’ve made it a point to visit all the Disney Themeparks. At the moment, the only ones I’m missing are the parks in Florida and ShangHai, so I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far.

We got a one-day admission ticket that cost about $70/person and that ticket could be used to enter both Disneyland and Disney Sea. We thought about getting a 2-day pass but then decided against it in the end because we thought we’d be able to knock everything out in a day. And we did.

Tip: Book your tickets online and print them out before you get to the park. The lines are horrendous in the morning. Click to watch the video and find out more.

signedbyroxci tokyo japan disney sea