Hormones suck.

I know I’ve been a slave to food for quite some time now, but I never thought that I’d be the type of person to take a 20 minute drive just to get a banana chocolate crepe from Crepeman. But I guess, when hormones are raging and cravings have lasted for over 2 days, giving in to my wants can’t be that big of a bad thing.

Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a little sad lately… The boyfriend’s preparing for deployment soon and that means I won’t get to talk to him for a full 30 days – that includes Vday and our anniversary. It’s not like I didn’t know beforehand though. I guess it’s just different when his underway is only a day away and I’ll have to get used to nothing but a few emails to keep me company while waiting.

It’s funny – or actually, it’s not that funny. I had a friend taunt me before, back when Vergs had just left for bootcamp. She said something along the lines of “Welcome to the worst years of your life”, in an attempt to help me get ready for the long weeks of no communication and everything else that comes with being a military girlfriend. I wanted to throw something at her back then. But I guess, in one way or another, she’s right…