How I Edit My Photos

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I take pride in the way I edit my photos, only because I’ve put so much work into it that sometimes it can drive me insane.

I’ve gone through the OG Instagram filters, swapped those out with VSCO filters, and more recently, I’ve been playing around with Lightroom and its presets.

To be honest, I’ve never been happier with the way my feed is now.

Now that everything on Instagram has to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s pretty easy to be obsessed with Lightroom editing. It’s a one-click wonder where practically every image instantly looks more professional and more IG-friendly. This means more likes for the photo and an even more Insta-worthy feed worth clicking the Follow button for.

Using Lightroom presets has made my editing life so much easier because it gives me a uniform look and feel for my photos.

Literally, all I do is load my image into Lightroom, click on my preferred preset, adjust a few tweaks here and there if needed, and save. That's it.

Since I know how hard it is to develop a social media presence and an editing style, I’ve collaborated with Yves to give you a selection of Lightroom presets to help upgrade your Instagram photos.

Below are a few presets we’re selling at super affordable prices. Each preset has its own characteristics. Some are perfect for those who love posting holiday photos, some are great for those who prefer a clean and bright aesthetic etc. Have a look below and find one that works!

Onyx Preset

Angel Preset

Manbok Preset

Hail Preset

Sky Preset

Neil Preset


1 Preset : $15

2 Presets : $25

ALL 6 Presets: $60

Payments will be accepted via Venmo.

How To Purchase:

Ready to buy your presets?

Send me an email at and tell me which ones you’d like to purchase.

Want A Quick Trial?

Interested in the presets but don’t know which ones go well with your photos?

Send me an email at, attach 1-2 of your photos, and tell me your top 3 presets. I’ll edit them for you so we can find the best one for your style!