The Husband Arrives Tomorrow

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I’m only one sleep away from putting a pause on my LDR life, and my emotions are all over the place! I’m ecstatic, nervous, and excited. I’ve had about a million things on my to-do list the past few weeks, and well, to be frank, I still haven’t finished ticking off everything on my list. Then again, the list never stops growing anyway, so go figure.

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But as always, finished or not, I make everything work-related come to a halt whenever the husband and I are together.

This holiday season has got to be one of the craziest ones I’ll ever experience. Besides the fact that Vergs and I finally get to spend Christmas together (something we’ve never really done before), we also have our church wedding in less than a month! It’s insane. I feel like I’ve been planning this Philippines wedding for 2 years. And now it’s happening in just a few weeks!

A part of me feels like a whirlwind’s about to happen the minute I see Vergs. A whirlwind of emotions, and a whirlwind of events.

Our schedule’s filled with wedding-related tasks over the next few days. From Canonical interviews and a pre-Cana seminar to more fun “couple-y” things like final food tastings and a prenuptial shoot. So yes, this holiday season’s definitely going to be one heck of a ride.

P.S. I’m not too sure if I’ll have time to schedule blog entries beforehand, but I’ll do my best! For now, stay tuned on my Instagram and follow the hashtag #happilyeVERGARA.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope your Christmas is merry and twinkling with lights!

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