My Husband Lost His Wedding Ring 3 Times

signed by roxci engagement ring modern gents

I love my husband, but sometimes he just drives me crazy.

Some people leave footprints when they travel, but my husband? Well, he leaves wedding rings. Not one, not two, but three.

And no, guys, he doesn’t lose them on purpose.

He always tends to lose them at sea though, so a part of me finds a little endearment at how he’s left pieces of our love in different oceans of the world. One’s in an ocean over in Greece, one over at Pacific Beach in San Diego, and the last one in Hawaii.

I was pretty upset the first time he lost his wedding ring. It was a white gold ring (I’m horrible at jewelry details, so I don’t remember the carats etc) engraved with my name and our wedding date. However, there was a silver lining up ahead. We knew that we were going to have a big Church wedding back in the Philippines, so we already knew that we’d have another replacement in about a year or so.

While waiting, he took it upon himself to get a simple Qalo ring. If you don’t know what Qalo rings are, they’re silicone rings that most service members use. According to my husband, silicone rings were much safer to use in his line of work anyway. Also, he proudly said that wearing a silicone ring would mean he wouldn’t have to worry about any scratches the next time he does any deadlifts in the gym.

Not gonna lie, the fact that my husband lost his wedding ring HAS made me think twice about wearing my engagement ring out. Often, I don’t wear it out in fear that it might accidentally slip off my finger. I mean, it IS an engagement ring, after all.

Which brings me to one of my latest finds, Modern Gents Trading Co. They specialize in affordable engagement and wedding rings — ones that look absolutely classy sans the thousand dollar price tag.

signed by roxci engagement ring modern gents

At this point, I have to say that I am working with Modern Gents for a sponsored Instagram post, but this blog post is in no means paid for at all. This is simply me talking about my husband losing his rings, and how it’s made me want a substitute engagement ring on days that I don’t want to wear my real one.

The rings I chose from Modern Gents were a set, it had both a wedding band and an engagement ring. I also chose the Evermore style for the engagement ring because I liked how the center stone had a cushion cut halo around it. It almost looks like an emerald cut without being too rectangular. Does that make sense? I don’t know. I just know it looks pretty!

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Anyway, bringing it back to my husband!

Fast forward to present time and my husband’s lost 3 wedding rings in total: 1 white gold one and 2 Qalo rings. I, on the other hand, haven’t lost any — thank God! Not gonna lie, I feel like my husband’s learned his lesson because now it’s almost like he has a whole arsenal of rings stocked up just in case he loses another one. Aside from the recent white gold ring we had made for the Church wedding, he also has a handful of silicone rings fresh from Amazon. It almost sounds like I’m making this up, but I swear, you guys, I’m not!