I’m Back, Rota!

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The first time I visited Rota, I arrived on my birthday, wide-eyed and freaked out over how there were no lights on the roads. That’s provincial life for you, folks. Gone are the days when I thought it was standard to have all roads well lit. 

This current trip marks my second visit to Rota and I’m glad I’ll be staying here longer than before. I pretty much maxed out the number of days allowed on a short stay Schengen Visa. That being said, I’ll definitely have a lot of time to stuff my face silly with tapas and glasses of sangria. What fun!

Birthday cookies for the birthday girl.

Birthday cookies for the birthday girl.

Like what I said in my last entry, the past couple of days have been spent living out a dream. The husband and I went on a trip that spanned 2 weeks in 5 different countries of central Europe. Seriously, guys, it’s so surreal to even be able to type that sentence.

A quick gist on what we got up to during the Eurotrip: 

We started our trip on a somber note, with a visit to Anne Frank’s secret annex in Amsterdam and got an in depth look on the Holocaust over at one of Berlin’s concentration camps. 

When things starting feeling too heavy, we took a break and headed to Prague, where we hopped on a bobsleigh and wined and dined aboard a cruise.Soon after, we paid a visit to Budapest and took a dip in the Szechenyi Baths. And finally to round off our trip, we took a bus to Vienna and wandered in the beautiful gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace.

I know it’s outdated and incredibly millennial, but I think the past few days can only be summed up in one word: #blessed

More travel stories to come!