I’m watching The Hunger Games with my parents right now and though I’d usually love capping the night off with a good movie, I can’t say that I feel the same about this one.

The first time I watched this was with you… We were in your room, and I agreed to watch it on my laptop – mostly because I sensed that you were excited for me, I honestly just wanted to take a nap. Midway into the movie, all thoughts of me sleeping had gone away.

I miss you, Vergs. I miss you when I remember you.

I miss you when I see Butter and I remember how you say you hate dogs but would pet and carry her if given the chance.

I miss you whenever I eat peanuts, because I know you’re allergic and you never make me forget how I almost tried to kill you albeit accidentally.

I miss you after a full day at work, because now I don’t have anyone to text saying that I got home safely.

I miss not having a reason to miss you, because I’d see that you were right here, next to me…

Roxci De LeonComment