January Five-orites

I know I’ve said this before in my old blog, but I think it’d be nice to press the play button on my monthly Five-orites post. Here, I’ll be talking about the 5 highlights that happened during the month. It’ll be my own little way of reminiscing that will help me get back on the path of gratefulness for all that has been. Let’s start!


1. The last day of work.

After a grueling battle with myself, I decided to take a leap and resign from the company I had stayed with for 1 and a half years. It wasn’t a spur of the moment thing and I definitely gave myself ample time to think it over, but with His help, I finally took the courage to make the decision. I guess I just needed time to reevaluate myself and the choices I made, as well as accept the fact that the person I was in college is very different from the one I am now. 



2. The Fault In Our Stars

I cannot even begin to explain how this book left me in such a dire emotional state. I didn’t rush through the pages, as I’ve what I’ve usually done before, because I didn’t want to get my feelings too invested in a work of fiction (I’ve seen all the feels tweets from my friends). But goodness gracious, after finishing the book, I ended up calling a friend and bawling my eyes out. 



3. #RoxciCooks

I used the free time that I had – thanks to my recent funemployment – to cook up a storm in the kitchen. I’ve tried my hand at dessert with cupcakes and faux Twix recipes, and I’ve also gone the savory route after a bit of prodding of my boyfriend. Trust me though, if it were up to me, I would have kept baking dozens of sweet treats.


4. Pope Francis’ PH Visit

Although I would have jumped at the opportunity to head out of town given the long weekend, something in me yearned to see the Holy Father – even if only from our living room tv. I can’t even recall the amount of times tears fell down my cheek and the instances I had goosebumps all over. Thank You God, for allowing our country to be graced by the Pope. And thank You for letting us remember that You Love us.


5. American Sniper

Now that the boyfriend’s away, I’m pretty particular with the movies I watch in the theatres; which is why I’m extremely glad that I got to bond with my dad over this film. I guess my emotions were heightened even more because of how it hits close to home. After watching, I definitely had a more profound appreciation for the people who live their lives in the service as well as their families who stick by them throughout all the wait and hardship.