La Boqueria Treats | Barcelona, Spain

la boqueria barcelona spain.jpg

“We’re going to Barcelona for our Eurotrip!”

“Oh my gosh, you have to go to La Boqueria!! It’s a market that sells both fresh and prepared food. You’ll love it!”


La Boqueria had everything from appetizers to fruity smoothies – it was pretty overwhelming really. Fresh seafood items were scattered on ice chips and around the corner, an ice-cream stand proudly displayed its colorful and unique flavors. Nestled in between regular favorites of vanilla and chocolate were more exotic options such as passionfruit sorbet and caramel cookie dough ice-cream. 

In an effort to calm our senses and buy everything that left us salivating, Vergs and I decided to walk around first. It was a wise decision, after all. This way, we’d get to see everything before deciding what to eat. You see, no matter how many times we fall victim to food porn, the reality is, we couldn’t possibly eat everything.

But this decision came to an end once we passed by the fresh seafood stalls. One look at the catch of the day and we found ourselves paying for an order of fresh sea urchin and octopus. 

I’ve pretty much never tasted fresh sea urchin prior to our La Boqueria visit. I’ve pretty much stayed away from them as much as possible, because a previous experience left me spitting it out on a tissue. One of my best friends however, swears by sea urchin and says that I should try them fresh. So I took the chance in La Boqueria.

It was amazing. 

The thing about uni is it doesn’t particularly have a strong taste, so it’s a bit challenging trying to talk about its flavor. It’s got a slightly brine-y taste and it’s so delicate – it practically melts in the mouth. 

Now that I’ve tasted it fresh, I don’t think I’ll be settling for anything less next time.

One of the thoughts I brought home that day was that the Spanish seem to have a sweet tooth that caters to the colorful and sometimes, distracting. They had tables and displays of several kinds of candy: lollipops with psychedelic swirls, vibrant gummies… Oh and if you looked close enough, there was an odd eyeball here and there.

Not gonna lie, it was a little creepy.