Lovely Las Ramblas Dinner | Barcelona, Spain

roxci vergs la ramblas barcelona spain.JPG

When in Spain, do as the Spaniards do and eat paella. Lots of it. 

A trip to Barcelona had us scouring the streets for the famous rice dish and boy, were we met with different options. Hole in the wall restaurants hidden among side streets boasted of their variations of Paella Valenciana, Paella Mixta, and my personal favorite, Paella Negra. The only downside was the prices of the paellas were way higher than the ones we tried in Rota. Can’t say that I wasn’t surprised though. After all, Barcelona is a city that flocks in millions of tourists every year.

The thing is, I wasn’t particularly keen on paying 30 euros for a platter of paella. I mean, think about it. We’d need a pitcher of sangria to wash it down with, and maybe an appetizer or two to calm our hungry bellies. All of those could have easily cost 50 euros. It was just a little too overindulgent. For me, at least.

We decided to hold out a bit longer and strolled over to the main street of Las Ramblas – a place that won me over with its trees that lined the middle of the road. It reminded me of UP’s main road back in the Philippines, where the trees hover over the road like umbrellas.

That’s when we struck gold. Las Ramblas was teeming with side walk restaurants within my price range.

The secret lies in walking toward the other end of Las Ramblas – if you’re coming from the La Boqueria end. A brief walk will show you that the ones on the front have relatively higher prices than the ones at the end. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any better. 

One of the things we loved about the side restaurants were their set menus, consisting of paella, a pitcher of sangria, and a few appetizers to share. It was exactly what we were looking for, with the added benefit of being able to people-watch from our table.

This sangria deserves a special shout out because they came in massive glasses – ones I would usually associate with heavy beer drinkers. The drink was pretty strong too. A few sips turned our cheeks a nice rosy shade and have us feeling that all was well in the world.

sangria las ramblas barcelona spain.JPG