March 2015 Five-orites

Monthly five-orites is a personal attempt of being grateful for five key highlights of the month. They could include the most mundane things really. You have been warned.


1. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

During the start of the month, I had a case of the horrible hormones and unfortunately enough, certain issues involving future decisions decided to make an impression during those days too. I won’t be coy about this and say that yes, it was about my relationship with the boyfriend and no, we did not break up. We did however, have a lot to think about and ultimately – and fortunately if I may add – found comfort in each other. I feel that when making a choice, it’s important to know the opportunity costs of each option. And I guess that’s where the value of something appears – because sometimes the question of “Which would I rather lose?” bears so much truth into the situation that it completely eradicates everything else that isn’t as important.

Nevertheless, throughout the entire ordeal, I was a wreck and couldn’t get any errands and work done. So I turned to where I knew I could release my emotions – singing. I’ve a rookie cover of Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down in my Soundcloud – a song which I believe gave me the opportunity to be generous with all my emotions. Don’t think I need to say who the song was for. You’re all brilliantly intelligent.


2. Making lemons out of lemonade.

When broken shoes call for better reinforcements, it only means one thing: retail therapy! Stress can definitely take a toll on me and cause me to forget about treating myself every so often, so I took the broken shoes as a sign to spend on something I hadn’t initially budgeted for. Sure, I may have spent a couple of Pesos on something unrelated to necessities and investments, but I was happy. And to be quite honest, I think that personal happiness is an investment on its own.

3. Healthy living

Along with personal happiness, comes the idea of wellness – an area I know I’d need to keep working on. Work – both my day job and various freelance positions – has been keeping me on my toes lately and it’s taken a toll on my health. I’ve been to the doctor’s at least 3 times this month for blood tests, prescriptions, and what have yous. The main culprit they’re eyeing is stress and diet. I’ll admit, I have gone 2 weeks without eating greens and fruits and would usually scarf down on something MSG-laden and easily accessible aka fastfood. It’s definitely not something I’m proud of though so I’m continuously working on that at the moment – along with the meds I’m taking. So far, I seem to be getting better, which is great because this means I don’t have to see a neurologist anymore!


4. Woman, Create

I’ve teamed up with a few of the most passionate and amazing girls for Woman, Create – an arts and women empowerment pop up event that’s set to educate, inspire, and empower women into becoming the Wonderwoman they were meant to be. It’s pretty kick a** to say that what started out as a fundraising event is eventually turning out to be an outlet for even bigger opportunities. I won’t disclose any of them just yet but one of things I’m grateful for is getting to work with these unbelievable gems of girlfriends. Each one of them is such an inspiration to me and it’s such a joy seeing all the things we’ve worked for come together piece by piece.


5. 1st Anniversary

I’ve written an anniversary entry prior to this five-orities post, and although I don’t like repetition, I think this highlight deserves an exception.

I love you, babe… Always and in all ways. I miss you everyday!